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  1. I have my own pot I want to use. Can the plant/soil be separated from each other?
  2. Just plant the whole thing in another pot. No need to remove it.

  3. Are the leaves sturdy enough to hang Christmas ornaments on?
  4. It is not sturdy enough to hang ornaments.

  5. Are fake plants tacky?
  6. Expertly detailed to reflect a natural appearance, fake plants today have seen a rise in popularity. They’ve been praised for their natural realism, versatility, and most importantly, their beauty. Artificial plants are no longer the tacky has-beens of yesteryear.

  7. Can fake plants go outside?
  8. Most of our artificial plants are designed with UV Protection so that you can rest assured knowing that when displaying your artificial greenery outdoors, you won’t have to worry about them suffering damage from the natural elements.

  9. Are the leaves silk or Plastic leaves?
  10. The leaves appear to be plastic but the high grade and they feel soft almost like silk.

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