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Ferrisland Free Shipping in all the Contiguous U.S.

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Wholesale and Drop Ship

Apply For Drop-Shipping Account

Our wholesale & drop-shipping program is for resellers with valid Resale License or Tax ID registered in their local state or country.

Credit Card (Preferred Method)
Request Credit App.(Must Be in Business for 5 years)

What is drop shipping?

Drop shipping is our product delivery method, when your store sells a product using the dropshipping model, you purchase the item from us and we ship them directly from our warehouse. As a result, you don’t have to handle the product directly.

With this arrangement, you can quickly develop your business, sell and make profits without having to invest funds to buy, store and ship our products to your customers.

Why drop ship our products?

1. Our products ship easily. Our typical deals are well packed and rarely damaged.

2. We don't charge any drop shipping fees.

3. We have no minimal order requirements.

4. Free shipping and orders delivered within 2-7days business.

5. You are free to copy our product images and descriptions directly from our website to list on your own website.

6. You can custom your own logo on the package for a bulk quantity.

7. With the Drop Shipping program you need no stock, no packaging, no trips to Post Workplace, and no documents!


More Frequently Asked Questions:


1. How do I join your dropshipping program and how does it work?

Within 48 hours of applying to our Wholesale DropShip program, you will receive a welcome email with your wholesale coupon code after our verified, which you will use to apply your discounted pricing. Once you receive an order from customers, just go to Ferrisland.com, find the product your customer ordered, place the order and apply your coupon code. Make sure to enter your customer address as the consignee address and billing information for billing. We ship the order directly to your customer.

2. How do I list your products on my website, eBay, or other online marketplace?

After being accepted to our wholesale drop-ship program you are free to copy our product images and descriptions directly from our web to list on your own website or eBay store. We also offer CSV product data files so you can easily upload and publish on your website(s) or auction sites. Catalog is also available for us to offer.

3. I am not a US citizen, or live outside of the United States, Can I still sign up for the drop-ship program?

Yes, that is no problem. But keep in mind that our "free shipping" only applies to orders shipped within the United States, if you are in other country, you can join our direct shipping program and sell our products on eBay, your website, etc., but you can only sell them to people in the United States. In addition, you will need to obtain any applicable business licenses/permits required to operate a business in your location.

4. How do I calculate shipping charges?

Every item we sell within the contiguous United States are free shipping. Please note that our free shipping is a standard land shipping method, most orders ship out within 1-3 days, and delivered within 1-5 days after shipping. We are currently unable to ship to Alaska, Hawaii or Canada.

5. What is your Return / Cancellation Policy?

Please see links to our cancellation and return policy here.

6. How do I track the status of Wholesale Drop-Ship Orders placed on Ferrisland.com ?

Shortly after we ship an order to your customer, we send you email with shipment tracking number. We recommend that you forward the tracking number to your customer.

7. Which credit card processing merchant accounts does Ferrisland.com recommend for accepting online credit card payments?

We recommend PayPal.com, visa and mastercard.

8. How do I contact Ferrisland.com in regards to their Wholesale Drop-Ship Program?

Please fill out our Contact Us Form or email to info@ferrisland.com.