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2021 Artificial Potted Christmas Tree Buying Guide

By: AdminFerrisland Oct 27, 2021

The artificial potted Christmas tree is often the focal feature of holiday decor in several houses. It acts as a gathering spot for family and friends. It is also where all of the gifts get hidden!

2' Ferrisland® Country Plaid Artificial Xmas Tree Unlit

One of the most flexible holiday decorations is a potted artificial Christmas tree. TwincoDecor® Smaller potted trees work well as a mantel decoration or a table centerpiece.

You can put taller potted trees on either side of your fireplace or your floor inside an empty corner. Some potted trees are suitable for outdoor use and can withstand harsh winter conditions.

These potted trees with an outside rating are perfect for framing the front door.

Potted artificial Christmas trees mimic the appearance of original plants and blend in seamlessly with their surroundings.

TwincoDecor® artificial potted tree leaves typically get composed of premium PE materials that faithfully mimic the natural form, are resistant to rot and deformation, and galvanized container for rust resistance with durable & sturdy base are ensured to endure a long time.

Take cold in and flaked snow will bring the joy of Winter back to your home to compleent the decor and demonstrate your distinct taste.

In this guide, you'll get assistance on how to choose a potted artificial Christmas tree.

First, let's take a look at the main benefits of buying a potted artificial Christmas tree.


You can reuse a TwincoDecor® potted artificial Christmas tree for many years. That can result in significant cost savings in the long term.

Depending on the type you choose, an artificial tree could be less expensive than a real one, and even a more expensive one can save you money in the long run.

During the holiday season, you'll be able to save money if you choose a potted artificial Christmas tree. 


A real tree can comfortably survive the year if you set up your tree late in the season, but for those that decorate early, it can be a different thing altogether.

Real trees decay over time and, if purchased early enough, may begin to turn brown by the twelfth night. No matter how long you leave an artificial tree standing, it will maintain its appearance and remain fresh and bright.

Our TwincoDecor® Potted Christmas Tree is 100% natural, and does contain both tree and corn products.
2' Lifelike Tabletop Mini Christmas Pine Tree

The realistic-looking PE needles is perfect for home décor including but not limited to Event Decor, Wedding Decor, and DIY Wreath Projects.

Also great for your front door and feel instantly rustic festive.


Be sure of the quality and material of the faux plant and hanging basket. They should be eco-friendly and tear-resistant.

Give a check for damages and discoloration.

Unlike natural plants, air humidity and sunlight will not prevent people from placing potted plants in ideal locations, such as wet corners in bathrooms or windows with sunlight.

Second, this beauty is constant, and you don't have to devote much time to maintaining it; even if it doesn't get maintained, it will provide color to your home 24 hours a day.

Furthermore, we designed the bottom of the potted plant with a form that is easy to move and can be positioned at any moment to provide a new feeling while saving consumers a lot of time and effort.

(Not going to lie...I used to move it out of the way to make room for my X'mas tree.)


Several people are allergic to Christmas trees.

Molds growing on trees tend to cause the Christmas Tree Syndrome. When the trees get kept inside our houses, naturally occurring molds thrive and multiply swiftly.

On Christmas trees, more than 50 different molds have gotten discovered, some of which might cause asthma attacks and symptoms of a cold.

Artificial trees don't have these issues, and they're a better bet if you have an allergy or asthma patient in your home.

We also have never had a problem with pets, however they are family and should be treated with care and concern.


Even when you have a range of actual trees to choose from, it can be tough to locate just the right one for your environment.

Natural trees are generally asymmetrical and wide at the base, making them difficult to fit into compact rooms and tight places.

However, our TwincoDecor® trees are tall and slim. Artificial trees come in every possible size and form, allowing you to pick the perfect example to fit your area.

They are always symetrical, resulting in an elegant and neat finish once your decorations have gotten applied.

TwincoDecor® Artificial Potted Christmas trees come in several colors and finish to match your taste and interior décor, allowing you to make a bold statement with your choice.

This Tabletop Cocoa Xmas Potted Tree is ready to add a touch of earthieness to your home! Not reflective but always as a ray of sunshine.

1.5' TwincoDecor® Cocoa Exquisite Artificial Christmas Tree Prelit
1.5' TwincoDecor® Cocoa Exquisite Artificial Christmas Tree Prelit
Ease of Decoration

Hanging decorations on an artificial tree is simple due to its symmetry and balance, and you can even choose a tree with lights.

When it comes to decorating, adding lights is always the most challenging undertaking, especially working in a small space.

If space is limited, opt for a tall, narrow fake tree that will take up less space and be easier to decorate but will be absolutely dramatic and stunning once completed.

Textured surface with a fine, hobnail design, small sized 3' DarkCHAMPAGNE Artificial Christmas Potted Tree is very enticing- brings a Exquisite Festive to life!

3' TwincoDecor® Tumbled Hobnail Artificial Christmas Tree Prelit
3' TwincoDecor® Tumbled Hobnail Artificial Christmas Tree Prelit

How to select the right TwincoDecor® artificial potted Christmas tree?

A fern hanging basket is a perfect choice to add a pop of green to your kitchen, balconies, and even bathrooms.

We have compiled the list of best artificial ferns baskets for you to choose from. 

Factors to look at before choosing a faux Christmas tree:

  1. Look for the correct size for your tree:
    Before you go out and buy an artificial potted Christmas tree, think about where you'll put it in your house2' TwincoDecor® Buffalo Plaid Artificial Xmas Tree Unlit
    2' TwincoDecor® Buffalo Plaid Artificial Xmas Tree Unlit
    After you've decided where you'll put your tree, you'll need to figure out the space it will take up.

    That will assist you in determining the perfect width and height for your Christmas tree.
    • Tree Height

    While selecting the height of your tree, it's advisable to get one that is more or less under 6ft below for areas with low ceiling, such as tabletops, bedrooms, kid’s rooms, and small spaces.

    3.5' TwincoDecor® Slim Frosted Fir Artificial Christmas Tree - No Lights
    3.5' TwincoDecor® Slim Frosted Fir Artificial Christmas Tree - No Lights
  2. That way, you'll get ample space to place your tree topper. It will also ensure the tree's top doesn't touch the ceiling.

    It's possible to find artificial potted Christmas trees as short as 3 feet and greater than 10 feet tall.

    Here are some of the most famous and standardized heights of Christmas tree:
    3 - 3.5 feet Potted Christmas Trees 

    Don’t you want to use a measuring tape but aren't sure what size you want?

    3 foot potted Christmas trees are a usual safe bet. It's one of the most widely used sizes. It's an ideal height for tiny or oddly shaped spaces.
    1 - 2 feet Potted Christmas Trees

    The 1 to 2 feet range is another height for a TwincoDecor® artificial Christmas tree. That size is mini but not that tiny compared to exquisite tabletop decors.

    It’s one of the easiest way to ADD A LITTLE CHRISTMASSY SMELL TO YOUR WORLD!

    • Tree Width and Profile

    The outline or shape of an artificial tree refers to as the tree profile. There are three types of tree profiles.

    Slim artificial Christmas trees usually have a sharper profile than full Christmas trees. They are thick and have a slightly gentler slope.

    Because medium and full Christmas trees are significantly broader from the bottom than they are from the top, they have a vast footprint.

    Usually, TwincoDecor® slim artificial Potted Christmas trees have a considerably smaller footprint. They also take up less room on the floor.

    Because of the wide range of floor space required for your tree, you must measure both: it’s the width and height.

    Measure roughly the circumference of your floor space you wish to set aside for your Christmas tree to decide how broad it should be.
    3' Ferrisland® Black Caviar Artificial Christmas Tree Prelit

    Full Christmas Trees

    Often, full Christmas trees have the most realistic shape and are the ideal choice for a natural focal-point tree.

    At the widest portion of the tree, most Christmas trees inside the traditional 7 to 7.5-foot size range have a width of approximately 56-64 inches.

    Medium Christmas Tree

    Medium-width Christmas trees have a slightly tapered shape while yet maintaining the natural appearance of an evergreen tree.

    Medium-sized Christmas trees, such as those that are 7 to 7.5 feet tall and those that are 10-14 feet long or tall or larger, make up the majority of our tall Christmas trees.

    Slim Potted Christmas tree

    A slim or pencil Christmas tree is perfect for cramped quarters.

    Consider these small shapes if you are searching for a tree that can fit into a corner.

  3. Choose a tree with a realistic and high-quality feel:
    If you want to buy an artificial Christmas tree that would last for years, we recommend investing in a high-quality tree.

    For easy and quick decoration, high-quality artificial trees will include movable branches.

    Hinged branches get pre-attached to the tree's central pole. However, hooked branches need each branch to get attached to the center pole individually.

    Furthermore, high-quality trees should get accompanied by solid metal stands.

    Your Christmas tree will not tip over or lean to one side if it gets supported by a sturdy stand.

    The high-quality TwincoDecor® artificial tree will also have foliage that closely resembles a natural Christmas tree.

    That frequently gets judged by the number of branch points and needle types. The bigger your artificial tree appears, the more branch tips it has.
  4. Tree Needle Types:
    The foliage on the majority of fake Christmas trees gets comprised of PE or PVC.

    PVC needles get made from thin, colorful sheets of polyvinyl chloride.
    Until recently, the majority of artificial Christmas trees got made of PVC.

    PE needles are created by pumping the material into a molding system with different colors to create more realistic branches and needles.

    Compared to the flat needles on PVC Christmas trees, PE needles make a more realistic-looking Christmas tree.
    frosted Realistic-looking PE Needles
    • Traditional Potted Christmas Tree Needles (PVC)

    Traditional Christmas tree needles are made of PVC and assist in giving fake Christmas trees a fuller look.

    The classic PVC needle has the lowest realistic appearance.

    • Realistic Potted Christmas tree needles

    Both PVC and PE needles get used to creating a more lifelike artificial potted Christmas tree.

    Mixed branches with both PE and PVC needles produce a fuller, more realistic look that is more lifelike.

    • PE Tree Needles

    PE plastic needles get used in the most lifelike fake Christmas trees. The density, color, and texture of molded polymer needles look identical to evergreen tree branches.

  5. Decide the Tree lights:

    It's a matter of personal taste when it comes to Christmas lights.

    You have complete control over the bulb's size and form, as well as the color of light it emits.

    Small, white lights are a timeless choice. However, multi-colored and large bulbs create a nostalgic Christmas vibe. 

  6. TwincoDecor® Unlit VS pre-lit potted Christmas tree

    The first decision you'll have to make about lighting is: whether you want an unlit or pre-lit Christmas tree.

    The decision between pre-lit and un-lit Christmas trees gets based on personal convenience and desire.

    Pre-lit Christmas trees make tree setup considerably faster and easier. They allow you to get right to the most enjoyable part, and that is decorating!

    Unlit trees provide you more decoration options because you may choose the color of your lights, the size of the bulbs, and how you want to place the lights on your tree.

    Artificial Christmas trees are gaining in popularity. That's because they're easy to work with and last a long time.

    Artificial trees can be environmentally friendly, but it is entirely up to you.

    Follow the guide above if you've decided you want an artificial Christmas tree this year but aren't sure how to pick the right one.

    With some research, you may find a tree perfect for you.
    Fluff Branches Artificial Christmas Tree Prelit

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