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A Complete Guide To Tabletop Water Fountain

By: AdminFerrisland Dec 21, 2020

The serenity of the environment inspires the mind and relieves the stress of life. Water fountain refreshes our feelings and adds beauty to our surrounding. Using a fountain brings nature to the residential and commercial structure, both indoor and outdoor settings.

Interestingly, they are designed with eye-catching styles and features that add beauty to the surrounding environment. Some come with leaves that direct the flow of water from the top to the bottom.

This article is a complete guide to the tabletop water fountain. We will take you through the types of indoor water fountains, the best tabletop water fountain for a conducive and relaxed interior, and some important troubleshooting tips.

Types Of Indoor Water Fountain

Indoor water fountains are of different forms. The basic types of indoor water fountain are:

  • Wall fountain
  • Tabletop fountain
  • Floor fountain

Wall Fountain

The indoor fountains convey sound and living sights into a room. This creates a more conducive and sensorial atmosphere in the room than simple artwork or painting.

For living rooms that lack focal points, a wall fountain is an ideal choice that brings natural features to the room. There are different designer features like flowing water, familiar and unfamiliar paintings are good options.

Tabletop Fountain

The tabletop fountains aid meditation, relieve sound stress, humidify the room, enhance concentration, and create a relaxed atmosphere for everyone. There are wonderful styles to choose from.

For those that love the small and inconspicuous style, this fountain is the ideal choice for them. The tranquility brings to the room brings comfort and a sense of relief to the room.

Floor Fountain

The floor fountain is another indoor fountain that makes the room beautiful and nice. Interestingly, the floor fountain has different varieties from very simple style like tempered glass to complex style like tipped pitchers that are discharged into one another.

For those looking for a special way to fill out every corner of the room with an accent piece, this fountain is the ideal option for them. It occupies the space with natural beauty that complements the texture and serenity of the room.

Best 11 Tabletop Water Fountain For A conducive and Relaxing Interior

There are numerous tabletop water fountains in the market. However, we have selected the best on the list for you. The following water fountains offer an excellent relaxing interior in any setting.

Ferrisland Indoor Water Lily Water Fountain

Indoor Water Lily Water Fountain

The lily water fountain is designed with leaves and flowers that direct the flow of water from the top to the bottom. It can be placed in different spaces in the house.

The compact but lightweight metal leaves and copper-colored blooms have a green tarnishing. It is very easy to clean, and things like rocks can be added to the bowl to add more natural beauty.

It is mostly used indoor to radiate the beauty of nature in the room.

Materials: Metal and plastic. Dimensions: (L) 10” x (W) 7.8”. Cord Length: 6 Foot. Color: Copper, Green and Black.

Ferrisland Rustic Tree Trunk & Clay Pots Tabletop Water Fountain

Rustic Tree Trunk & Clay Pots Tabletop Water Fountain

The gurgling water sounds and the natural look of the Rustic Tree Trunk and Clay Pots Indoor Waterfall with LED Light by Ferrisland brings serenity, soothing and style to your living or work area. It's crafted from durable stone resin, so it can be used indoors or out. Complete with a subtle illumination system to create soft lights wherever you are.

1.Relaxed Water Flowing

As water flow from the top tier all the way down to the bottom pool where it then recirculates back through the waterfall, it makes soft, relaxing sounds.

2.Durable Enough for Long-Term Use

The polyresin construction is weather-proof, rust-resistant, and durable for long term quality use.

3.Decorative Tabletop Waterfall

Realistic carving and painting bring a feeling of natural beauty to your space.

4.Soft Illumination

Cool color LED lights creates a soft reflection of the fresh flowing water.

Ferrisland Birds Waterfall Desktop Fountain With Color LED Lighting

Birds Waterfall Desktop Fountain With Color LED Lighting

The quiet trickle of a water fountain can add a sense of tranquility to your home. Whether used indoors or out, they offer visual interest as well as a soothing sound you can enjoy any time of day.

The Serene Life Water Fountain is a relaxing tabletop water feature decoration.

Compact tabletop fountain style provides soothing and relaxing water-flow effects.

This 3-tier relaxing table top fountain decoration has a subtle LED illuminated lighting effect that is really pleasing to the eye and that’s sure to improve your comfort.

Indoor Buddha Fountain

Indoor Buddha Fountain

The Buddha fountain is a Zen tabletop design that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor areas. The Buddha statue is produced from a polyresin. It gives it an appearance of old stone with a natural tranquil accent of the Buddha culture.

There are a power cord and pump that are concealed in the fountain. It generates a calming sound of water that brings beauty and harmony to the room. The water flows in a gentle style that depicts the ancient waterfall.

Interestingly, this Zen-inspired fountain aids meditation relieves stress and brings comfort to the soul. The average dimension is 11 inches x 7- ½ inches x 5-1/2 inches. It is portable enough for any desk, table, and flat surface.

Tabletop Water Fountain Troubleshooting Tips

In case you experience any issue while setting up your water fountain, we have some important tips that will help you solve them. In addition to these tips, it is important to consult your instruction manual for issues that relate to the specific model of your fountain.

Water flow

  • In a situation where the water flow is not dispensing as expected, inspect the tubing kinks to confirm the water level.
  • Check the pump to ensure that the control valve is open.
  • Clean all the debris from the impeller and filter.
  • Check the tubes and pipes that connect to the water source and attach them properly.

Air bubbles

  • Ensure that the water fountain is level at the base.
  • Turn off the water fountain and on it again for few times.
  • Check the pump to ensure that it is completely submerged


  • To sustain the proper flow of the water fountain, empty it periodically.
  • Clean the filter, water distribution channel, and the pump properly.
  • Clean the surrounding of the water fountain.


  • The water may have an odour if it is not prevented from algae buildup
  • Add anti-algae formation into the water to prevent any form of algae formation in the water.

White Spots

  • If the water fountain is not properly cleaned, it may form white spots.
  • Clean it with CLR product to ensure no white spots appear on it.
  • Use distilled water instead of tap water to avoid the buildup of white spots.

Vibrations And Noise

  • Ensure to check the water level always to refill it when the need arises.
  • Fill clean water always.


  • Ensure adequate water in the fountain to ensure free flow.
  • Ensure that the pump is not burning out 


Choosing any of these tabletop water fountains for your living room, bedroom, and offices add beauty, serenity, and calmness to your environment. The soothing sound of the water gives a sense of harmony and peace to the mind.


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