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A Guide To The Types And Designs Of Flower Pots

By: AdminFerrisland Jan 26, 2021
Flower Pots Cover


Are you a lover of nature and everything organic that can add a drop of aesthetic adornment to your home? If yes, then a flower pot is what you need to brighten the ambience in your space.

Flowering pot brings out the beauty in your home and gives you a portable garden that can create an additional touch of elegance to your surroundings.

Growing flowers on a pot bring orderliness and freshness to your environs, both externally and indoor, and also aligning you with modern vibes.

Also, when working with narrow spaces, they provide the environs with a hodge-podge of garden supplies. In fact a flower pot is good at mixing various flowers into a magnificent entry.

Interestingly, flower pot pooled existing garden beds and provide accent plantings by adding colour, altitude, and other styles that may be lacking.

A jaw-dropping benefit of the flower pot is that the soil quality can be improved completely.

Nonetheless, you do not just need to go for flower pots that offer you those groovy appearances.

But you need to know various types of flower pots that will add beauty and be effective for your flowers, durable, resilient, long-lasting, and affordable.

This article will provide you with an in-depth run-down of different types of flower pots materials, different flower pots designs for serene and tranquil indoor, and outdoor landfills.

Types of Flower Pots Materials

There is an eclectic range of flower pot materials with their merits and demerits. Some of the essential factors to consider include lifespan, weight, aesthetics, drainage efficiency, durability, affordability, resilience, and weather inclination.

Having said that, you will be pondering on what the best material for flower pots is. Below are the most shared flowering pots.

  1. Fibreglass/Plastic Flower Pots

Fibreglass/plastic is the most shared assortment at present as flower pots suitable for a more modern or up-to-date style that is eye-catching. They come in diverse colours, shapes, and styles.

Some of the most shared plastics engaged by producers are polypropylene resin, polyurethane, and polyethene.

The plastic is cast into a piece that forms into the flower pot, which marks it lightweight, essentially unbreakable, and high-quality.

You have nothing to worry about with fibreglass flower pots. Because it is void of rusting, fading, denting, or frosting. It is cost-effective and you have more season to use it.

Interestingly, most of them are designed with special features like self-watering, which allows maintenance and minimal watering.

Above all, they are eco-friendly and recyclable. It might interest you too to know that it is prone to tipping over and it is not robust.

  1. Terracotta Flower Pots

terracotta flower pot

Terracotta flower pots are a well-known collection that is more or less traditional trendy. Terracotta is a type of pottery, which is clay-based porcelain. The term terracotta means “baked earth or mud”. And is produced under an elevated temperature.

Widely held terracotta flower pot proceed on that orthodox red-orange colour. More so, they can take different colours depending on the mud used to create them such as beige, brown, and pink. 

Terracotta material is very vigorous and sturdy that is tough, heavy, and stable. Moreover, they are difficult to move because of their robustness. They circulate water very well and air all over the soil but absorb moisture easily, then regular or frequent watering may be needed.

When manufacturers are trying to save cost during production by applying low-fire, can result in breaking at ease. That is why it is recommended that terracotta pot should be produced under freezing temperatures. In other words, make sure you create them at a high-fired rate or form.

Terracotta flower pots are prone to crumbling and cracking in cold weather but it is eye-catching.

  1. Wooden Flowering Pots
Wooden Flowering Pots


Wooden flowering pots offer you that homemade, and traditional guise that can exquisitely match with your backyard or garden, indoor furniture, and accessories. They are varieties of wooden flowing pot that you can use for your garden flowing.

Although many garden beds make use of wood as their material, yet a good number of people produce their flowering pot to suit their taste, style, and shape.

Types of wood selected for wood flower pot include cedar, redwood, cypress, or pine. In case you are making one by yourself or purchasing one, make sure you treat the wood materials with the liner before planting a flower on it, or else it will be likely to rot, fading, splitting.

The wood flower pot is fashionable but it is not all wood that is fit to be used for the production of the pot or planter. Based on this premise, ensure you select wood pots that originate from sustainably sourced salvaged wood. In other words, you need to pay attention to the ecosystem and environment.

  1. Metal Flower Pots

Metal Pots

You may agree with me that metal flowering pots are nowadays profusely available. They are assorted and can apt a contemporary or traditional style subject to what you want. A good number of metal flower pots are used to decorate the entrance of the house.

There are varieties of metal you can select, there include iron, tin, copper, and aluminum. Conversely, price and weight vary depending on the kind of metal and size you want. Generally, metal pots do seem to be more costly irrespective of the type or size.

They are durable if that is your priority. You can derive a pleasant historic or bucolic look from your metal. If you want the essential and exquisite look to remain, then you have to apply a liner. Metal potter is liable to overheating thereby resulting in soil or flower damage.

  1. Concrete Flower Pots
concrete flower pot

Concrete flower pots are bewilderingly attractive if you make them well. They can last for decades but if they are not maintained once in a while, their outlook will be an eye saw.  Concrete potting take a more classic and traditional form when compared with the contemporary.

However, well-produced concrete flower pots will last for years but the reverse is the case if it was poorly made. During production, if colour is mixed with the concrete, that will improve the outlook of the pot too. Concrete flowering pots are very heavy, robust, and durable.

The concrete flower pot is long-lasting and weather inclined. Regrettably, they can drain the pocket. Also, algae, leaches can grow on them and probably stain and dent the colour.

Although there is a precautionary measure to be maintained. Thus, it is advised you seal your concrete pot before use, so that it will stay in very good shape.

What Are The Different Flower Pot Designs?

Below are the different flower pot designs and styles you may delight in. Having a mix of different styles is essential to create a charming-feel and welcoming environment.

  1. Freestanding Pots 

freestanding design

These exquisite types of flower pots design are the most shared and seem practically needed to achieve your preferred look in your environs. Freestanding pots are very unpretentious as such they stand upright on the surface.

However, placing this type of flower pot design is very easy, and they are available in a wide variety of styles, shapes, colors, and materials.

  1. Hanging Pots

hanging pot

Hanging pot designs are one of the much loved among a good number of people. They attractively bur your freestanding pots by open-handed off a foreshadowing outcome.

It is imperative to carefully select a set of hanging pots that match the material and color of your freestanding pots. What this meant is that hanging flowerpot can be combined with the freestanding pot to bring out the beauty and good-looking in your environs.

Hanging flowerpots are smaller, and they typically vary in styles and color. These pots are suspended or dangle from a corresponding chain. They are ideal for indoor decoration.

The chain is commonly connected to a plant strut that is attached or fixed to a surface like a wall, concrete, deck, etc. or they can solely be hung from a hook and latched onto something.

  1. Mounted Pots

Mounted Pots for Wall Planters

Mounted pot designs are gaining popularity recently because they are very up-to-date. They are most often used for interior decoration to intonate or bur furniture and accessories.

The flowering pot is mounted onto a vertical and erect surface, commonly a wall. Moreover, they come in a diverse variety of mounting options.

You may desire your flower pot to be upright mounted on the wall directly. Also, you can mount it on the wall and then rest the flowering pot on top of the surface.

Mounted flowering pot designs are very aesthetic and they make the living room eye-catching and pleasing. They leave a long-lasting impression on your visitor's mind.

  1. Elevated Pots 

Elevated Pots

Elevated pot designs arrange flower pots most suitable for exterior and some time used for indoor decoration. It takes the form of garden beds or raised flower beds in an elevated order.

More so, they are also used for luxurious design. They are usually raised from the ground up.

The design is based on one's luxurious taste. The first set of the flower pot will rest on the ground or raised from the ground and then the next set will rest above the first one, connected properly above it or transversely.

  1. Multi-Combo Pots
Multi-Combo Pots

This set of designs born out of creativity to add extra value to your environs. They offer your surrounding the elegance connected with contemporary vibes.


You can design muti-combo if you have the same kind of freestanding. Probably in a mish-mash of two or more, then you can put them together on any apparent.

  1. Unique Pots 

Unique Pots

Unique flowering pot designs are more nonfigurative than any other pots. They are generally home-based.

Flowers can grow in any unique container you like such as a watering can, wagon, wheelbarrow, wooden log, sculpture, the list is endless.

It might interest you to know that unique pots can take any of the above-mentioned designs, and they are also well-ordered.

  1. Railing Pots

railing pot

Rail pot comes with current vibes and exquisite ones that have just been introduced. They are made up of high-quality plastics and are available in many color varieties.

They come with a drainage plate at the bottom for retaining excess water. It is portable and easy to handle and hung. It creates an eye-catching balcony part and does not take space.

It is quite easy to mount and remove as no hardware mandatory. It is very proper for where there is no space or in the kitchen.

What are the benefits of Flower Pots?

  1. They create more space in your garden

Growing flowers in the pot is a great way to create more space in your garden. It is also ideal for modern apartments where there is no space or balcony, flower pot can be used to create a garden.

Also, flower pots can go everyplace such as a window sill, a deck up, pavement, up a flight of steps.

  1. They allow you to manage the soil your flowers grow on

Some flowers may not grow well on your garden soil but when you plant in a pot, you can manage the soil. It provides brilliant growing environments that topsoil in your garden may not have.

Flower pots get rid of sandy and tree roots found in the garden while flower pots give a dream garden rich soil.

  1. They design and create a structure

When you get the biggest pots for your garden, it can create an exquisite design in your garden.

Pot design has come to stay and is well known. There are different types of pots, with interesting shapes and materials.

  1. They create upright space

Since flower pot comes in different sizes and materials, it can be designed to create space on the floor of the house while the pot is mounted or installed to the wall. Greenery surging from pots always gives luxurious feet.

  1. They take gain of your luminous spots

If your apartment has a shady front patch, your flower pot can make use of a sunny or luminous patch along the side of your house.  In other words, you can grow your flowers on a pot and placed them where sun rays reach your flowers.


Flower pots are designed for both indoors and outdoors decorations. The essence of a flower pot is to support freedom of movement to any location of your choice. There are numerous health benefits linked to indoor flowering pot.

These refresher benefits include adding color and sparkle to your space, add natural vegetation and boost your mental well-being, and the flower helps in purifying toxin air generated indoor.

Each type of flower pot materials and designs have their setbacks and benefits. Some required extra care than others, while some will be more resilient and durable than others.  

Most significantly, selecting a flower pot that you fancy, within your budget, and proper maintenance of the pot is paramount to your surrounding.

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