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Best Artificial Ferns Hanging Baskets Guideline

By: AdminFerrisland Sep 26, 2021
artificial hanging fern basket

Are you looking to add a touch of greenery in your home aesthetics but afraid of lacking that perfect green thumb? Maybe you are allergic to plants or having a pet at home that eats anything. Might be possible that your work routine or house location is stopping you from being a plant parent. There is a long list of reasons restricting your dream of having plants around. But here is a piece of good news for you, disguised in the shape of a fern hanging basket.

Yes, we have got some really exciting ideas for the best fern hanging baskets. They make great house decor so you can keep them throughout your house.  You can keep them out during spring, summer, fall, and when the weather starts reaching the extreme you can bring them in. Hang them near a nice sunny window and they will give a touch of a true plant inside the house.

Variation is important when it comes to flower and plant decoration and adding fern hanging baskets can truly diversify the look and feel of your house or even workplace. They come in a variety of artificial ferns that suits best to any deck, patio, porch, or balcony setting. The low upkeep and ease of maintenance make them a preferable decoration for offices too. Place them at your office to get the right dose of efficiency, creativity, and freshness.

Let’s move towards some of the best artificial ferns for hanging baskets. But before that here is a round-up about their niftiness.

Why Choose Artificial Hanging Basket?

  1. They won’t die if you keep them ignored for a long time.
  2. You do not have to upkeep them and replace them often.
  3. They are an ideal option to add a pop of lush green color to home decor persistently.
  4. You can move them around without worrying about their sunlight or water intake.
  5. You can have a variety in color, material, and size of fern hanging baskets.
  6. Fern baskets are economical and a one-time purchase investment.
  7. They remain attractive and fresh even after years.

Key Elements for Buying Best Ferns for Hanging Baskets

Planning to buy online some of the best fern hanging baskets for your house? Before purchasing them online, here are few things to consider.


The material from which the artificial fern and fern hanging basket is made plays an important part. It has to be premium quality silk or plastic that does not get rotten by sunlight or weather responses. They should give the look like a real plant while maintaining the fresh look for long.


Before placing an order online, you must do thorough research on the types of ferns available. There are some that come in small pots to hang along with the fern hanging baskets and some of them are grouped as large. Before buying keep in mind the location for which ferns are intended.

Quality Check

Be sure of the quality and material of the faux plant and hanging basket. They should be eco-friendly and tear-resistant. Give a check for damages and discoloration.

UV protection

The latest trend in artificial ferns comes with UV protection. This means they offer a shield against harmful sunlight when placing fern hanging baskets outside.

Brand and Reputation

Before placing an order online or going to shop from the store, consider the brand and its reputation. Buying an artificial fern hanging basket for your home is a one-time investment so you better make it wisely.


Pricing is another important factor in buying the best fern hanging basket. Surf the market and shortlist 2-3 companies and select which is offering the products close to your budget. But do not comprise on quality and choose the best if there is a slighter difference in price. Go check out Ferrisland, offering some of the trendiest and affordable options under the fern hanging basket category.

Best Faux plants for Hanging Baskets

A fern hanging basket is a perfect choice to add a pop of green to your kitchen, balconies, and even bathrooms. We have compiled the list of best artificial ferns baskets for you to choose from. 

Spider plant

The first one on our list is the spider plant which thrives in a fern hanging basket. This is one of the most common house plants. The name given to this plant is due to its spider-like leaves which grow from its mother plant. The real plant of this type thrives in bright sunlight so the best places to keep its artificial version would be porches, decks, and house exteriors. It is a must to have plant for its beautiful foliage to give your home exterior the rich curb look. Combine them with a high roof fern hanging basket to let its trails flow down.

Turtle Vine

The next faux plant to compliment your beautiful fern hanging basket is turtle vine. Originally, they come as lush green when kept in shades and when you put them in direct sunlight the leaves tend to go yellowish. It is a highly recommended faux plant for outside to attain decorative aesthetics within gardening. You can enhance the look by combining them with Ferrisland Abstract Garden Black Obsidian Planter.

Money Plant

Known as the money plant, this faux plant for hanging baskets is very popular. They come in golden, green marble, and neon variations. They are very easy to grow through their cuttings. They are the deal fern to place inside the house when you do not have much sunlight to retain real plants. We would recommend this plant for a fern hanging basket for every house.

Kimberly Queen Fern

Kimberly Queen goes as what says. It is a real showstopper plant mostly found in front patios and porches. Kimberly fern is also famous as sword fern because of its straight narrow leaves that grew outside. The dark green hue is what makes it striking and complementing any exterior setting. The real ones grow to a length up to 3 feet. You better house these faux plants in a vertical basket-like Ferrisland Asymmetry Hanging Fern Teardrop to compliment them best.   

Strings of Banana

These very beautiful strings of the banana faux plant have our hearts. It is known as a hardy plant and drought tolerant plant as well. It takes up large space and looks awesome in fern hanging baskets. You will get a look at curtains by spreading them on the wall or entrance. They can be a good decorative element inside the house, in bathrooms and kitchens, and even in your living rooms.

Tangled Heart Plant

It is one of our favorite artificial ferns due to its shape and color. They are shade lovers plants that makes them an ideal option for in-house decoration. Its leaves look so fresh, shiny, and glossy in real and even better when placed along with an artificial fern hanging basket. They look equally beautiful placing in any kind of pot but having them placed in our Ferrisland Asymmetry Hanging Fern Teardrop will truly magnify its presence.

Boat lily

Also known as mosses in the cradle plant, is a beautiful plant to keep in a fern hanging basket due to its foliage. It is a large fords faux plant that makes it an ideal choice to keep in balconies and gardens.

Lady Fern

Formally known as Athyrium, is a real charming plant having decorative ferns and middle green hues. The best thing about the lady fern artificial plant is, it requires no maintenance for long.  Real Lady Ferns tend to grow up to 20 inches tall so placing its faux version adequately is suggestive preferably in house corners and at partitions.  

Asparagus Fern

They look extremely attractive in fern hanging baskets. They are easy to manage and clean. The bunch of faux plants gives a look of abundance that is perfect to hang near the kitchen, balconies, and office entrances.


 You can place a variety of faux succulents in a single fern hanging basket. They are beautiful in shape and color having variety in both. Succulents are good for party decoration and restaurants.

String of Pearls

These ferns belong to the succulents’ family and are very ornamental to look at. They look amazing in whatever pot they are kept so highly recommended for in-house fern hanging baskets and event decorations.

Boston Fern

A healthy and flourished Boston fern is a real treat to the eyes. They can be pair together with any kind of fern hanging basket and goes really well with minimalistic home decor. To give them a more realistic look pair them with some pebbles and artificial soil and forget about their ersatz.

Maidenhair Fern

The maidenhair fern is a pot lover plant that stands out with its lush green feathery look. This faux fern requires a bit of cleaning hands and you will find them glowing as ever.

Multi plants Fern Basket

You can try placing multiple faux plants in one fern hanging basket to get optimum results in color and ambiance. Group together some artificial succulents with leafy plants and get a bouquet full of foliage and a treat to the eyes.

How to take care of Fern hanging Baskets?

Knowing the fact that most of the artificial ferns and fern hanging baskets are made out of plastic and metal, here are some important things about their care. Ensure their longevity following these simple and effective tips.

  1. For cleaning a fern hanging basket and plants inside, you will need all the cleaning products and tools in hand. Clean the faux ferns with a feather duster, paintbrush, or vacuum cleaner. You may also use a microfiber cloth or a cleaning napkin for it. Cleaning solutions may include hot water, ammonia D, and any good quality window cleaner.
  2. Before putting any cleaning agents to your faux ferns, dust off them. Dip them in hot water and let them sit for a while. You can add vinegar to clean them and some shampoo to give them a nice scent.
  3. Dry out your plastic plants using a clean cloth or hairdryer in case of some silk-made ferns. Clean and dry them separately and completely before placing them back in the fern hanging basket.
  4. Ferns baskets are placed to enhance the ambiance. Ferns need to look shiny and eternal. You can apply silk plant cleaner to give them a shiny boost. Once it will dry out they will shine like a real new one.
  5. To look and feel faux plants real, place them accompanied with some soil and pebbles. You can add a glass container along with a fern hanging basket for a watery effect but make sure that water should not spoil the color of artificial ferns.
  6. To decorate well your fern hanging basket, use a dry floral foam and place your artificial ferns just in an arrangement just like real plants. This way you can hide the fake roots and stems inside the foam.


Fern hanging baskets add curb appeal to your exterior as well as the interior of the house. They come in choices of gigantic to minimalistic settings’ decor. If you have a love for gardening but don’t have the guts or time to perform you can keep up well with these faux fern hanging baskets. Unlike real plants, the ferns in artificial baskets require little to no effort to maintain. You need to clean them once in a blue moon and they will look thriving like always.

Artificial fern baskets are timeless. They never go out of fashion. If you place them well and do your cleaning job, there will be hardly anyone to tell the difference. They are just the right choice to fill the gap of a green thumb in your house. This is the right time to invest in faux plants amid busy routines and other limits.

With these tips in your mind, you can make your fern hanging basket thriving for long by keeping your home elegance intact

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