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Buyers' Guide To Artificial Plants And Trees

By: AdminFerrisland Jan 12, 2021
Artificial Plants fo人Home Decor


The acquisition of flowers, trees, and plants can be a great addition to your homes and offices as it naturally improves the beauty of your living environments, especially during those cold temperatures and dark months of the year.

However, one of the major challenges people experience is the maintenance and nurturing of these plants, flowers, and trees in their offices or homes. This, of course, demands a large chunk of time and energy to achieve. 

Artificial plants and trees liven up and boost the mood of a room. They lighten up the interiors, and one good thing about them is that they are eternal- they do not die.

This guide will offer you some essential tips on what to look out for when you are making a selection of artificial plants or trees, their great benefits to us, and many more.

What are artificial plants and trees?

Artificial plants are synthetic alternatives to live plants that you can use to improve the aesthetic features of your environment.

They help reduce to its minimal level the responsibility that comes along with nurturing and preserving living plants.

In addition to this, it is a good choice for people who admire flowers but are put off by the flowers' pollen grain. All through the year, artificial flowers or plants always look attractive and fresh. 

Artificial plants are made up of materials such as plastic and silk. Generally, artificial plants of plastic make serve well for places experiencing intense heat. 

Some are fire-proof while still maintain their extraordinarily attractive looks and durability.

Benefits of artificial plants

There are several benefits of acquiring an artificial plant. These are:

  1. The level of maintenance to ensure your offices and home look attractive and alive is greatly reduced.
  1. With artificial plants, you can get different varieties of decorative elements for different purposes e.g. for birthdays, holidays, or themes.
  1. Artificial plants require little energy and lesser time to keep them glowing and looking vibrant. All it requires is just dusting and keeping them in a dirt-free environment.
  1. Another important benefit of artificial trees is that they do not attract insects, bugs, or pests to your homes. So you don't have to be bothered about that any longer.
  1. Artificial trees unlike natural plants do not require a special type of soil or a particular level of light and temperature to grow.

     Things to consider when shopping for artificial plants

Indoor vs. Outdoor

The kind of artificial tree we choose for a particular environment depends on its safety for that area. For example, some giant artificial plants for indoor use may not be apt for outdoor purposes and can deteriorate in color with time.

Hence, it is important to buy artificial plants that are resistant to ultraviolet radiation or is tagged indoor /outdoor. Sometimes you might want to have a new look for your garden but lacks time; your best option is to go for giant synthetic outdoor plants.

Outdoor plants are generally safe for indoor purposes but not all indoor plants are suitable for outdoor use.


The material make of artificial plants is dependent on some factors such as style, price, and taste of the buyer.

Generally, most of the artificial plants that are available are made from polyester, plastic, and first-grade materials like silk.

Plastic and silk are tagged Industry’s grade because they give a practical appearance that looks exactly like the natural plants. In addition to this, they are both flexible and can be bent and shaped into various postures.

When you are shopping for artificial plants, one important thing to look out for are products that simulate nature closely. 

If you want to cut down on your budget, then plastic and polyester will be perfect but if you want high-grade artificial plants, then a blend of fibers like cotton, rayon, and silk will be the best option.


The size of the indoor or outdoor artificial plant to use depends largely on the space available for the planting.

The standard rule when it comes to the measurement for your artificial plant is to measure the space and add a little more space if you make a change regarding the plant.

To illustrate this point, if you decide to add a huge artificial plant in your home and your ceiling is 8’, we advised you use 7.5’ at the most to allow for free movement

For perfect measurement, use a measuring tape when working out the size to use. This should start from the bottom and then measure to the apex of the flower, leaf, and branch.

Plastic vs. Fabric Artificial Plants

Artificial plants are usually made from fabric and plastic materials. With this, only a little amount of energy and time is needed to maintain and preserve them.   The technological advancement in the home décor front has impacted positively the look of artificial plants.

In recent times, these plants look extraordinarily more natural than synthetic. Those outdoor artificial trees are so real that birds are tricked to build their nest on them.

Silk plants are quite more expensive than the plastic-type and are more realistic and natural. Although, they are prone to tear and wear, unlike plastic with proper maintenance they will serve you for a very long time.


Artificial trees are made into varieties of shapes and styles for you to pick from depending on your taste.

Realistic texture

With the recent advances made in the world of technology, it is now possible to build artificial plants that mimic their natural equivalents. 

The closeness in texture is so real that you can hardly tell they are synthetic. If you want products that look very close to the real thing, you have to search for the genuine touch plant with a natural trunk. The highest you can get with the available technological improvements.

5 Decorating Tips for Artificial plants

Having an indoor plant or faux plant is a good step in making your home beautiful and fantastic.

But you will need to learn some skills in combining and positioning them for an extraordinary aesthetic look.

Your living rooms and offices can benefit greatly from the acquisition of an indoor plant, and here we have itemized some ways to go about decorating your house with them.

  1. Select artificial plants that mimic the look of live plants in detail.

Essential information to all buyers of artificial plants is to thoroughly inspect the synthetic plants before purchasing them.

You should make sure that they have a simulated color shade and perfectly mimic veins on the leaf. 

You may need to check the fragile root covering at the bottom or even dirt filth at the base.

Be very sure you are intimate with the outlook of the natural plants so you can compare and contrast their features from the leaves to the stem and the trunk.

  1. Insist on buying high-quality fake plants.

It is very important to an artificial plant but if you must buy a fake one, go for the one with top-grade material.

Only those with this quality can look closely at the natural plant and thus make people think you have got a natural green tree in your house.

Yes, it is quite expensive but this saves not just money but also your energy and time in the final assessment when compared with their natural counterpart. 

A top-grade faux will cost you a fortune but it is highly durable compared to cheap ones.

What you should be on the lookout for in the attributes of these artificial trees are the non-similar flowers, imperfect leaves, and a perfectly realistic-looking trunk or stem.

  1. Make it look less fake.

Yes, the artificial plants are fake but do you know you can make them look less fake? This is very simple; just place them into different vases of about the same size so they mimic lively plants.

  1. Avoid plants with perfect symmetry

When a synthetic plant possesses a regular symmetry, it makes it obvious that it’s fake

If you love the leafy plants for decorations, make sure to detach some stems or leaves from one side thereby creating a condition where the other side looks thick or bushier than the other side.

The only caution is to ensure you place the bushier part close to the source of light- a natural one

Inspect the flowers as well and go for those that have different sizes.

  1. Be intelligent in placing artificial plants in your home.

It may not come to mind but it is good to quickly remind you about the significance of the location of your fake plants.

If you place a bushy synthetic plant in an environment of the home where there is little or no natural bright light, then it serves no purpose.

You should ensure that the fake plants are placed where they can naturally grow if they were to be a natural plant.

Some of the best locations at home are those areas close to the windows and are reachable enough to be watered. This, of course, makes people think that those houseplants are real than fake. 

Best 9 Artificial tree/plants

  1. Aloe Bonsai Artificial Foliage 

You would love this aloe artificial foliage tree, It is overall size 6.3* 6.3 x 13.7 inches, Pot dimensions: 6.3 x 4.3 inch which is the perfect for adding a dash of natural green to desktop shelf counter space or any home decor.


Aloe Bonsai Artificial Foliage


  1. Artificial Date Palm Plants With Pot

The artificial date palm plants is Approx. 30-inches Tall (76cm), Measured from bottom of pot top of plant. Realistic and vivid color to Beautify your house permanently.

Artificial fire retardant Areca palm tree with vibrant green palm leaves. This palm looks great in rooms with neutral decor, adding a splash of greenery for an on trend tropical feel. It's also UV resistant meaning it can be used outdoors.

Overal size 7.87 x 3.93 x 13.7 inches, Pot dimensions: 7.48 x 3.85 x 4.13 inch which is the perfect size for shelf display or any table décor.


Artificial Date Palm Plants With Pot


  1. Cement Potted Artificial Round Leaf Live Gotu Kola Herb

This kind of potted artificial nasturtium evokes indoor beauty with bright colors. Place the plants in a cement tank filled with moss. The plain and classic color and shape of the flowerpot means that you have beautifully decorated potted plants in your home that will never go out of style.


Cement Potted Artificial Round Leaf Live Gotu Kola Herb


  1. Set Of 3 Artificial Orchid Tulip Peony Bouquet Vase Flowers

This small fake flower is Perfect size for shelf display or any table décor. Different flowers are planted in macaron color pots make you have different collocation choices. Modern style and classic elegance can both be yours when you make this lovely artistic fake plant be a part of your home or patio.

Set Of 3 Artificial Orchid Tulip Peony Bouquet Vase Flowers
  1. 65" Fiddle Leaf Artificial Tree in Decorative Urn (Real Touch)

These are ubiquitous as you find them almost everywhere, from popular photos to Instagram and other social media.

The advantage of using it as an indoor artificial plant is its large leaves that do not need maintenance.

  1. 50" Bird of Paradise Artificial Plant in Gray Planter with Stand (Real Touch)

These artificial indoor plants grace our homes and offices with varieties of color that improve the aesthetic outlook of the area.

The leaves droop with bright colors and most importantly they mimic natural plants perfectly i.e. real to touch.

  1. 5' Cactus Artificial Plant

You can mimic the desert environment by bringing a 6.5' cactus artificial plant. Get your desert on with this cactus artificial plant.

This warms the home and it is suitable for indoor use especially in the living rooms, bedroom, and bathroom.

  1. 4' Dracaena Artificial Plant in Sand Colored Planter (Real Touch)

This is a luscious artificial plant that has dark leaves coming out from a fragile brown stem. They perfectly imitate the natural plants so closely

  1. 7’ Areca Palm Artificial Tree

This 7’ artificial areca palm will not only help to warm your home but also complements the different natural wood products found at home.


The onus of making our living room and offices look attractive and comfy is solely on our doorstep to attend to.

Artificial plants have lots of benefits among which is to help conserve energy and time.

We have a variety of artificial plants that you can select from and place in your homes using the knowledge of where to locate them for maximum satisfaction.

Today, you can go to the market and get one for yourself and the family by partnering with reliable and trusted worthy manufacturers.

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