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Create Scenic Aquatic Backdrop With Water Fountain Feng Shui

By: AdminFerrisland Apr 29, 2021

Water Fountain Fengshui

Do you know the feeling that comes from water fountain Feng Shui? Well, the water fountain creates a harmonious and peaceful environment through the trickling sound of water. It also provides natural flow, harmony, inner strength, and a life-changing experience to your home.

There are quite different fountains for both indoor and outdoor use. The fountains can be still and door or flowing and unsettle. The deep aspect connects to insight, intuition, and wisdom.

The flowing aspect connects to our social interaction with others and the world around us. It also represents cash flow, wealth, and abundance. You may have an idea about this.  However, placing the fountains at the right position in the home matter too.

Read on as we will discuss important things you should know about Feng Shui. The needs for fountains in-home is it applicable to you or not. The best indoor water fountain Feng Shui you should use, the most suitable place to keep, and lots more.

Is Indoor Water Fountains Suitable For Your Home?

This is an interesting question that needs straight forward answer. Yes, it is. It is not only suitable for your home, but it is also good for the well-being of your mind and your mental health.

The water fountain creates a peaceful environment in the house. It also connects to your lifestyle by bringing calmness, relaxation, natural flow, and harmony to your home. The captivating style of the water fountain has features that reflect your senses and limitless pleasure.

There are studies that show that water has been used in different ways to symbolize power, wisdom, life, purity, and grace. These symbols are critical aspects of creating Feng Shui around your environment, which can be achieved using a suitable indoor water fountain.

The consistent flow of the water fountain brings Feng Shui into the house by permitting you to move and think more freely. With this, there is the promotion of natural energy and better feelings anytime we have a sense stuck in life.

The Best and Most Suitable Indoor Water Fountain To Choose

When it comes to the choice of an indoor fountain for homes, there are important things to consider before making a choice. Some of them are:

  • Material
  • Appearance
  • Size
  • Style 


There are quite a number of materials used for indoor fountains. Some of them are ceramic, granite, cast stone, metal, and resin. To get the best experience, go for the best material that suits your needs.

Your best choice may not be the best choice for another person. Check through the different materials and choose the one that suits best to you. You can choose from any of the following:

  1. Ceramic Water Fountain

Ceramic fountains bring more natural energy, adds grounding and stability to the home. Fountain such as ceramic waterfall Zen meditation tabletop water fountain has material with high quality. It is safe and eco-friendly. Moreover, it is easy to clean and provides a comfortable environment.

Zen Meditation Tabletop Fountain

  1. Cast Stone Fountain

Fountains with cast stone are robust and have high durability. The cast stone makes it look natural and blends with the natural environment. If you need a water fountain that blends with the natural stones, a 3-Tier flowing bowls table fountain with LED is good for you

3-Tier Flowing Bowls Table Fountain
  1. Stainless Steel

A metal fountain such as an indoor water lily water fountain is a good material that brings precision, fortitude, and organization to the available space. The material is durable and has a contemporary appearance. Moreover, it has low maintenance and adds décor to the home.

Indoor Water Lily Water Fountain

  1. Granite water fountain

There are quite some popular fountains with granite. Granite materials are strong and robust. It also comes in different attractive and natural colours. However, it is cost-intensive. 


A good-looking fountain brings inner body strength and energy. It is essential to use an indoor fountain that gets rid of any negative energy around you. Moreover, you will regain your lost vitality and passion for a better life.

The birds waterfall fountain has a stylish design that fits the living room table with an attractive appearance. The tranquillity and soothing relaxation from this fountain bring comfort and relief from the stress of life.

Birds Waterfall Desktop Fountain


Water fountains come in different sizes and shapes. The size of an indoor fountain that is suitable for you depend on the available space in your house. While planning to purchase a wonderful fountain for your home, check the available space to ensure that it suits it very well. 


There are quite different styles of a water fountain. To incorporate the best fountain, ensure that it complements your lifestyle and internal décor. Moreover, keep your choice within your taste because it's crucial to bringing Feng Shui home.

Some fountains can sit on the floor because they are tall. There are some that are suitable for hanging on the wall. Also, some can be placed on the table due to their style and shape.

Choose a water fountain that you love. This is an important aspect you should not ignore. Make sure you always keep it in mind. The fountain should be a source of happiness and joy when you look at it. 

5-Tier Cascading Tabletop Fountain

Suitable Places To Put Indoor Water Fountain Feng Shui

There are suitable places to place your water fountain if you want to have the best experience. Some of the places are:

  1. Close To The Front Entrance Of The House

Wisdom, social connections, knowledge, and networking are some water qualities that are helpful for career success. Placing your fountain at the entrance or front door of the house is an awesome approach to produce Feng Shui.  

It creates balance and harmony to the house right from the entrance. Moreover, it also balances the energy of the home as well as provides tranquillity. To get a perfect water flow, make sure that the flow of the water is circulating towards the inside of the house. This is a sign of encouraging positive energy to move inside instead of going out. It also a sign of encouraging money flow in instead of out.

  1. Areas Related To Wood Element

Considering the fact that water feeds the wood, placing a fountain where there are wood elements is an excellent choice. Remember, water feeds and nourishes wood naturally. Plants and trees grow when there is water in them. The same thing is applicable here.

The abundance and wealth (Xun) area of the bagua and new beginnings and family (Zhen) area are associated with the wood element. For those that are interested in these areas, it is helpful to place your water fountain in the appropriate area.

  1. Home Office

Placing an indoor water fountain in the office of your home is a great way to derive inspiration while working. We can see that more people are working from home.

Sometimes, it requires discipline and focuses to meet a deadline, especially when boredom set in. Bringing Feng Shui to your home office will boost your energy and lead you to success in your career.

You may decide to use a tabletop fountain if you work in the office. This is a great way to inspire yourself while working. Moreover, there is a sense of natural environment and soothing relaxation from the fountain.

  1. North Corner

A very significant thing about Feng Shui is that the north corner stands for the water elements. Placing the water fountain in the north corner will be a great decision for you.

Places with mirrors, ample lighting, solid colour schemes, and images that feature white and black are good for the north corner.  

  1. Garden and Backyard

Though Feng Shui is traditionally meant for indoor, it can provide a great balance and harmony in the outdoor environment as well. This is why it is good, sometimes, to try new things and act differently.

There is no point to limit it to indoors only. Create natural energy and a relaxed environment at the back of your house by paving a path for the fountain to flow to your garden.

Areas you should not Place Your Water Fountain

There are some areas you should avoid placing your fountain. Some of them are:

  1. Bathroom

In the first place, the bathroom is a watery area. It does not make sense to place the water fountain in it. When water is more than needed, the aim of the water fountain may not be achieved. The harmonious and peaceful environment that comes from the fountain will not show.

  1. Bedroom

An ideal water fountain should run all the time. Placing it in the bedroom may interfere with your sleep. This is why it is not really recommended. The trickling sound may cause a nuisance and disturb sleep.

How To Care For Your Fountain

Unarguably, Feng Shui can positively change your life. While getting the benefits of your fountain, it is essential to properly maintain it for a lasting experience. Some of the things you must do are:

Constant Flow of Water

The water in the fountain should flow constantly. When water flows continually, it elongates the functionality of the pump. Moreover, Feng Shui remains fresh with a sparkling appearance.

Ensure that your pump flows continually without running dry. This may shorten the longevity of the pump. Check the water level of the fountain to ensure that it is within the acceptable level.

Clean water

The water source should be clean and free from slime, algae, and dirt. When the water is not clean, it hinders the healthy and positive energy flow of Feng Shui into your home. 

Most time, the best water to use is distilled water. It has been discovered that tap water has some minerals that create deposits on the fountain. The minerals also obstruct the flow of water through the pump.

Regularly Clean Your Fountain

When the fountain is clean, it allows the water to flow effectively. Ensure regular cleaning of the fountain to maintain the positive energy that comes from it. Endeavour to scrub mineral deposits to prevent further growth.

Use hydrogen peroxide to prevent algal or other microbial growth in the fountain. Furthermore, you can place the fountain under direct sunlight to kill algae and other microorganisms.

Adjust Water flow appropriately

The essence of the pump is to enable you to regulate the flow of water in the fountain. It is essential to adjust the pump to allow the flow of water appropriately.

Inappropriate regulation of the pump may lead to the overflowing of water in the fountain. In case the pump becomes faulty, kindly replace it as soon as possible to avoid further damage to the water fountain.

Avoid Noise and Vibrations

Whenever the water level is low, there will be some vibrations and noise from the fountain. This may lead to the damage of the pump or other things in the fountain. Endeavour to frequently check the water level and fill it anytime the level is below the acceptable level.

Making Your Choice

Now that you know the nitty-gritty of water fountain Feng Shui, you are in the right position to make your best choice. There are quite different water fountains that bring Feng Shui to your home.

While making your choice, the key things to consider that we have listed above are very important. They will help you to get the best experience from it. Keep in mind that the water fountain brings harmony, relaxation, comfort, and mental well-being to the home. You need to enjoy it to the fullest.  

While enjoying your water fountain, remember to provide appropriate and proper maintenance to it. This is the sure way to sustain its workability as well as positive energy.

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