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Expert Review of 7 Best Gas Fire Pits

By: AdminFerrisland Feb 21, 2022

Expert Review of 7 Best Gas Fire Pits

Summertime does not have to be boring. Just as you do not have to worry about making a fire with logs and wood, of course this is not allowed in all cases. Gathering round a fireplace has its own fun and this could provide some real bonding time for families and friends.

Because most communities do not allow building of a fireplace with wood, the only way out remains a gas fire pit. The experience is the same, the warmth, the memory and the feeling. 

Combustion of wood produces smoke and soot, which may not be healthy however, gas burns cleaner and safer and this makes the gas fire pits a better option than burning wood.

The design of fire pits is versatile, as it comes in various sizes and designs, to suit the class of people and the usage, be it outdoor or indoor. Check out these top models to find the best gas fire pit for your outdoor space.

Why Consider a Natural Gas or Propane Fire Pit Table?

Natural gas is much cheaper than propane, although propane burns hotter, cleaner and is more available than natural gas. Propane produces twice as much heat as an equal amount of natural gas. Moreover, although propane burns cleaner and hotter, it more economical to heat with natural gas because it is more available and affordable.

One of the main reasons to use a natural gas fire table is because it will probably be less expensive to power than a propane fire table. If you already have a natural gas line ready, it makes sense to take advantage of it. 

Just like the same amount of propane produce twice as much heat as natural gas; it also cost twice as much. Furthermore, the convenience of buying and setting up the tank is cumbersome.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Gas Fire Pit 

Gas fire pits come in various sizes and designs, and some produce more heat than others do. Whether it is needed for backyard entertainment or just for an outdoor experience, there is always a design for every need. The questions to answer are; why do I need a fire pit, and what will I use it for?


Fire pits designs do not have to ugly or produce an awkward experience. There is a wide variety of designs and styles to select from depending on your taste of style.

a. Masonry fire

These pits are permanent fixtures for a lawn or patio. They generally remain in place year-round, though some are lightweight enough to be stored indoors when not in use. If you are in need of a fire pit table that would remain permanently fixed, then you should consider the masonry fire pit.

b. Tabletop fire pits

Tabletop fire pits are compact and portable. As a centerpiece, they sit on top of a patio table.

c. Portable fire pits

They are available in a wide range of designs and sizes. They are not required to remain in a specific location. They can be moved as needed by users.

d. Fire bowls

They are designed like a concave bowl and can be placed on the ground or on a tabletop.

Size and Shape

Because of the output, size and shape are critical. If you only need a fire pit for a few people in your backyard, you might want to go for a smaller size than if you need one for a large group at the beach.

Some gas fire pits have elegant exteriors that blend in with patio decor, while others come with a kit that allows you to convert an old wood-burning fire pit to gas. The overall attractiveness, is enhanced by various shapes such as round (which is customary for ground-level pits), oblong, and square.

Heat Output

The heat output of a gas fire pit is measured in BTUs (British thermal units). The more the BTUs, the more heat is produced by the fire pit. Fire pits come in a variety of sizes and BTU outputs, ranging from 15,000 to 100,000 BTUs, but most are between 30,000 and 60,000 BTUs.

Choosing a fire pit simply based on heat output can be deceiving. The outside temperature, wind speeds, and how close you sit, all have an impact on how much heat you feel coming from the pit. Place your gas fire pit where it will not be affected by strong winds for the greatest results.

Ignition System

Manual (or "match light"), spark ignition, or electronic ignition are the three major methods for lighting a gas fire pit. Each method has its own set of advantages. Local fire codes may apply to the type you choose, so if you have any doubts, contact your local fire department.

  1. Manual ignition/match light: A manual ignition gas fire pit, as the name implies, requires the use of a lighter or a match to light the gas each time you want to light a fire. Although it requires a little more effort, it is one of the most reliable ways because very little can go wrong. To use the flame, simply turn on the gas.
  2. Spark/automatic ignition: A spark ignition, like the ignition of an outdoor gas grill, has a push-button igniter that generates just enough spark to ignite the gas. Electronic ignition: This is the most advanced of all ignition systems, and it works by simply flipping a switch (which may be located in your home) or pressing a button on a remote to light the fire pit.

Tank Size

Propane is available in 1-gallon tanks, which are generally used to power tabletop fire pits or portable fire pits that can be taken to tailgating parties and camping trips. However, to avoid having to change the propane tank as frequently, it is usually easier to connect a gas fire pit to a 20-pound propane tank.

A licensed plumber can connect the fire pit to a whole-house propane tank (200- to 500-gallon capacity) or to your home's natural gas line if you do not like the sight of a propane tank or the connection that snakes over the ground or patio to link the fire pit to the tank. Keep in mind that this is not a do-it-yourself project. Both connections necessitate the use of a licensed plumber or qualified engineer.

Safety Features

Gas fire pits come with a handful of risks built in. Burns can occur if someone touches a hot part of the pit, which is especially dangerous when little children are present. The most secure fire pits have an outside casing that is cool to the touch.

A gas leak also poses the possibility of an explosion. If the fire dies out, some pits have a safety valve that switches off the gas supply.

Top 7 Best Gas/Propane Fire Pits

1. Limor Round Fire Pit Bowl  

Limor Round Fire Pit Bowl

This lightweight, portable fire pit makes campfires possible anywhere, anytime, making it the ideal companion for all who enjoy outdoors. Host an outdoor date-night, tell spooky stories around the flame, or simply enjoy a good book beside the inviting Limor Fire bowl.

What You Should Know About Limor Round Fire Pit

Certification: This propane fire pit is CSA certified, meaning it complies with all electrical and mechanical criteria for dependability and safety.

Clean Combustion: The clean combustion of liquid propane gas is stable and environmentally friendly, with no ash or smoke to harm your health. The heat output is 40,000 BTU, which will offer adequate warmth and create a romantic bonfire scene in the freezing winter.

Suitable Size: The fire bowl has a 24-inch diameter and weighs 33 pounds (without the tank), making it light and portable. You may use this portable fireplace to bring warmth and atmosphere to your workplace, living room side table, main dining table centerpiece, or anywhere outside. In the event of disturbed weather, a matching rain cover will keep your favorite stove safe.

The smooth surface and simple lines make a vital centerpiece for your outdoor living area. It will be the perfect outdoor centerpiece for gathering around with friends and family for warmth, pleasant discussion, toasting marshmallows, and cooking s'mores.

Reassuring After-Sales Service: If any questions, our customer service team is always ready to dispatch, your satisfaction is our greatest motivation.

2. Limor Cylinder Gas Fire Pits

Limor Cylinder Gas Fire Pits

This LIMOR Cylinder Fire Pit is ideal for use in the backyard, garden, or patio. Outside, the tank is visible; please note that the tank is not included in the package. Because the gas fire pit only uses propane gas, it must be used with caution. It is a propane powered fire pit with a heat output of 40,000 BTU. It is made up of MgO material and produces a clean combustion. It also comes with a manual ignition system.

3. Curved Feet Iron Brazier

This 22" rounded feet iron brazier is the very best choice for you. Its troubled bronze shape, lattice describing are a perfect decor to enhance your lawn. You can put it by the poolside or backyard. Its deep as well as large pit can offer a lot of area for a surging fire, which offers you comfortable and also warm room all night. Its lightweight and also sturdy product made the pit extra utilizable.

4. Outland Portable Propane Gas Firebowl

The Outland Firebowl is another one of the top portable fire pits in terms of quality and convenience. It uses propane fuel to provide a clean fire instead of choking you with ash and dense smoke.

The fire pit, which is 19 inches in diameter and is lightweight and portable, is ideal for campfires, road trips, tailgating, and even beach groups. You can start roasting marshmallows or warning yourself in minutes because it does not require any assembly.

Outland Portable Propane Gas Firebowl

5. Solo Stove Bonfire

Solo Stove Bonfire

The Solo Stove takes wood-burning fires up a notch with a stainless-steel body as well as engineered air movement that melts wood extra effectively and also with much less smoke. The Yukon is their most significant fire pit yet, with enough room for a big team to collect 'round and also appreciate the heat as well as glow of a wood-burning fire. Light it up in the yard or bring it to a camping area, the sleek fire pit will burn effectively and with less smoke so all you take pleasure in are the flames.

6. Outland Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Table

Outland Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Table

Outland Living's fire table is 44 inches long and serves two purposes. It can accommodate drinks and plates as a full-size coffee table, and its oblong central fire pit creates a peaceful atmosphere with dancing flames that flash across 15.5 pounds of Arctic ice fire glass (included). One or two 20-pound propane tanks are hidden beneath the fire bowl cupboard, ensuring that there is always a backup in case one runs out.

The fire table produces 35,000 BTUs of heat when the spark ignition is pressed. It has a weight of 96 pounds, a width of 32 inches, and a height of 23 inches. When the fire bowl is not in use, a tempered-glass insert (available separately) maximizes table space. It has the advantage of a large table area around the edge, holding up to two gas tanks and very ideal for parties. However, is comes at a very expensive rate.

7. Linear Propane Fire Pits Table

Linear Propane Fire Pits Table

With Linear gas fire pit tables, you will be able to enjoy a great outdoor life in your backyard, patio, terrace, garden, and poolside. It will blend in with the rest of your patio furniture without looking out of place.

When the fireplace is not in use, cover the metal lid and quickly transform it into a dining table or coffee table. The stainless steel burner on the linear outdoor gas fire pit table produces up to 50,000 BTUs of heat, allowing you to enjoy your backyard or patio area in nearly any season.

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