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Ferrisland's Special Scented Candles for Decor

By: AdminFerrisland Oct 19, 2023


Don’t we all love scented candles? The magnificent fragrance filling up our rooms and our souls, the beautiful outlook that enhances our space, and the captivating beauty they bring to your house. However, when you think about getting yourself an amazing scented candle. We know where you can look for it. In order to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home, Ferrisland can be your go-to partner. 

Figure 1: Scented Candles

Figure 1: Scented Candles

Because of our commitment to manufacturing high-quality and captivating products, we have become a distinguished brand in the industry. The rise of scented candles is imminent, as they have been termed as one of the necessities in home décor. So, who can alleviate all your burdens when it comes to buying a scented candle? One word – Ferrisland. Let’s delve into the world of scented candles and what Ferrisland has in store for you in the name of its special edition. 

The Delights of Candles: Benefits of Ferrisland’s Special Edition

Scented candles are a convenient way to add versatility, modernity, and beauty to your home. Before exploring Ferrisland’s special candle edition, let’s take a look at its benefits. 

  • Multisensory experience
Going beyond the visual, the candles of Ferrisland facilitate a multisensory experience that you crave. The candles of Ferrisland are the epitome of creating a warm ambiance in your home.

Figure 2: Scented Candle making a Warm Ambiance

Figure 2: Scented Candle making a Warm Ambiance

The warm glow of the candlelight beautifully mingled with wisely crafted scents provides you with a décor that engages your mind, body, and soul. Moreover, the candlelight and fragrances work together in such an enchanting and soothing way that makes your space feel relaxing, cozy, and above all, inviting. 

  • Aromatherapy benefits

Scented candles are your perfect getaways for aromatherapy. The fusion of the right scents and the warm embrace of the candlelight not only improves your mood but also reduces stress. This is what Ferrisland keeps in mind when we craft our scented candles. The main goal of our scented candles is to elevate your well-being and give you the peace of mind that you need after a long, hard day. 

 Figure 3: Scented Candles for Aromatherapy

Figure 3: Scented Candles for Aromatherapy

The scents of Ferrisland’s candles are known to have therapeutic effects. If you need an energy boost, we have an invigorating citrus scent for you and if you’re looking for something that relaxes you, our signature lavender scent is the one. Right from the comfort of your couch or bed, you can relish the advantages of aromatherapy with Ferrisland’s special edition.    

  • Durability and quality

Other than crafting magnificent scents, we also pride ourselves on making candles that are not only high-quality but also durable. Our candles release the fragrance consistently and the burn times are extended over to a longer period. You can say that our candles are built to last.

Investing in Ferrisland can get you a product that will give you a long-lasting fragrance and beauty while also making your home stylish and welcoming. That is why you can put your trust in us because Ferrisland knows that the beauty of your home lies in intricate things. 

  • Environmental considerations

Other than making your home artistically appealing, Ferrisland also takes our environment into consideration. We strive hard to make environmentally conscious choices, which is why many of our candles are curated from eco-friendly and sustainable materials. In the case of wax, we employ non-toxic and clean-burning wax, which will provide you with a warm ambiance along with making sure that our environment keeps breathing clean air.

Figure 5: Sustainable Scented Candle

Figure 5: Sustainable Scented Candle

For our environment enthusiasts, our candles are not only the symbol of sustainability but also promote peace of mind that enables our customers to enjoy a warm embrace for a long period. So, if you want to make a sustainable yet charismatic choice for your home décor, Ferrisland has got you covered. 

From multisensory experience to environmental considerations, Ferrisland has ticked off everything in its checklist to create perfect scented candles for you. 

Ambiance of your Scented Candles: Maximizing your Experience

If you want to maximize the experience of your beloved candles, you need to consider the guidelines mentioned below. These guidelines will help you make the most of your scented candles by extending their lifespan and perking up their aromatic elegance. Let’s see how you can cater to your amazing candlelight delights.   

  1. Burning techniques

The first step in burning techniques is to trim the wick of the candle. The key to getting even burning and preventing excessive sooting is trimming the wick to about ¼ inch. The next thing you need to look out for is the prevention of tunneling on subsequent burns. You can achieve this by allowing your candle to burn for a long time so that even a wax pool is created across the surface. Another burning technique that you need to keep in mind is to keep your candles away from drafts to avoid heavy flames and uneven burning. For that, you need a flat, stable surface for your candlelight delight. 

  1. Safety precautions

Apart from the burning techniques, there are several safety precautions that you need to consider for your safety as well as your loved ones. Once you leave the room or go to sleep, make sure that you have put out the candle. Pro tip if you have a candle in your house: Never leave a burning candle unsupervised. 

Another safety precaution is placing your candles away from fabrics, curtains, or any other flammable material. To avoid wax spilling, always utilize a container or a holder that is particularly designed for candles. 

Figure 6: Scented Candle on a Candle Holder

Figure 6: Scented Candle on a Candle Holder

If you have pets and children in your home, you need to keep your burning candles out of reach of them. The hot flame and wax can be the cause of various accidents that may turn out to be fatal. 

  1. Scent pairing and layering

In the realm of scented candles, scent pairing, and layering plays a crucial role. First of all, you need to consider the purpose of your room before acquiring a scented candle. You need to go for chamomile or lavender-scented candles if you want to relax or cozy up in your room. If you want a scented candle for your kitchen, you need something food-inspired to get your food groove on. In that case, citrus or vanilla-scented candles are the best choice. 

Layering the scented candles is another way of rejuvenating your home. So, don’t shy away from experimenting with layering scents. You can burn various candles simultaneously and see how a mixture of delightful fragrances takes you to different places of serenity, warmth, and peacefulness. However, you need to make sure that the fragrances of the candles you’re burning, complement each other. 

  1. Placement and storage

You can maximize your candle experience by placing and storing them ideally. In the case of placement, the popular choices are bathroom counters, coffee tables, and dining tables. The number of candles to use depends on the size and purpose of your room. So, place them wisely because they can bring your whole home together. 

Figure 7: Scented Candles on Bathroom Counter

Figure 7: Scented Candles on Bathroom Counter

If some candles are not in use, you need to store them in a dry, cool place, away from the stringent rays of the sun to prevent deterioration of the scent along with the color. To prevent dust from accumulating, keep your little delights covered.

Once you follow these tips, you cannot only maximize your experience but also enjoy the safe use of scented candles for a long period of time. All of these guidelines are specifically curated to ensure that you get the experience you desire while also relishing the serenity scented candles offer.  

Luxury Meets Ambiance: Introducing Ferrisland’s Special Candle Edition

Here’s the moment you all have been waiting for – The Special Candle Edition brought to you by Ferrisland. This special edition contains the hard work and soul of your entrusted team who has crafted each scented candle with a mesmerizing scent, durable nature, and enchanting outlook. Whether you’re in need of a unique gift or a statement piece of home décor for your home, the special edition of Ferrisland delivers visual as well as sensory delight. Let’s see what our special edition of scented candles holds for you. 

  • Ferrisland Gold Scented Candle

Ferrisland Gold Scented Candle is an elegant, sophisticated, and magnificent scented candle that breathes life into your living space. The materials used to manufacture this delight are premium soy wax and resin. Soy wax is renowned for its long-lasting burn properties, which enable you to enjoy the warmth of this candle for several hours. On the other hand, glistened with gold accents, resin provides lavishness and enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home. Our gold-scented candle is enough to fill your room with tranquility and peace. If you want to know more about our gold-scented candle, click here.  

  • Ferrisland Single Wick Candle

Ferrisland Single Wick Candle comes in a vibrant shade of yellow, making it a captivating addition to your home. Our single-wick candle brightens the ambiance by adding a pop of color and radiance. This single-wick candle burns evenly and slowly, giving you hours to savor aromatic pleasure. The yellow color of our scented candle promotes positive energy, which makes this candle an ideal addition to your home if you want to create a welcoming atmosphere and uplift your mood. If you want to know more about yellow-colored single-wick candles, click here.

  • Ferrisland Pink Single Wick Candle

Ferrisland Pink Single Wick Candle is crafted with a soothing and soft pink hue, promoting a sense of peacefulness your home needs. With this candle, Ferrisland has perfectly infused serenity with elegance. You can bask in the bliss of the comforting aroma provided by our pink single-wick candle for a long period because of its slow and even burning design. The pink color generally symbolizes tenderness, compassion, and love, which makes it a perfect choice to create an inviting and warm atmosphere and setting a romantic mood. If you want to know more about our beloved pink-colored single-wick candle, click here.

  • Ferrisland Malachite Green Scented Candle

In our Ferrisland Malachite Green Scented Candle, we have carefully crafted an enchanting fragrance and fused it with a calming hue of malachite green, making it a striking masterpiece. This scented candle helps set the stage for an exotic ambiance coupled with a touch of opulence. The materials used for creating this masterpiece are soy wax and resin, both of which are renowned for their durability and enchanting glow. Moreover, the color malachite green is the symbol of harmony with nature, growth, and renewal, which makes it perfect for bringing serenity and refreshing atmosphere to your home. If you want to know more about our malachite green-scented candle, click here

  • Ferrisland Soy Wax Single Wick Candle

The Ferrisland Soy Wax Single Wick Candle comes in a radiant shade of blue that gives your home décor the pop of color it needs. Blue is a color that is known to promote a calming essence and serenity. When you place this candle in your living space, you will see for yourself how this scented candle was the one thing your home needed all along. If you’re looking for a scented candle that elevates tranquility, we suggest you go for our Ferrisland Soy Wax Single Wick Candle. If you want to know more about blue-colored single-wick candles, click here


All in all, scented candles are your perfect getaways to add a touch of elegance, sophistication, and avant-gardism to your home. Nowadays, scented candles have become necessary to have in your living space, as they are the epitome of beauty, splendor, and exquisiteness. Because of the benefits they provide, it becomes hard to say no to these little candlelight delights. In the candle industry, Ferrisland has taken center stage because of its high-quality candles and magnificent fragrances. Whether you need a pink-colored candle to set a romantic mood or a mellow blue to create a serene atmosphere, we’ve got you. So, if you’re enchanted by these little beauties, get your hands on one of our special edition candles before the stock runs out. 


Ferrisland Gold Scented Candle



Ferrisland Malachite Green Scented Candle



Ferrisland Pink Single Wick Candle



Ferrisland Single Wick Candle



Ferrisland Soy Wax Single Wick Candle



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