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From Traditional To Trendy: Explore The Styles of Christmas Decor for 2023

By: AdminFerrisland Nov 07, 2023

Jingle all the way to enticing Christmas décor for 2023! Whether your Christmas décor is traditional, trendy, or a blend of both, we’ve got tips for everything.

Figure 1: Christmas Décor

Figure 1: Christmas Décor


It’s the time of the year when every house is lit up with beautiful ornaments, streets are filled with exotic lights, and hearts are filled with love. Over the years, the styles of Christmas décor have quite evolved, from traditional to trendy, leaving all of us in awe. This blog is all about Christmas, Christmas décor, the new styles for 2023, and the joy this festive holiday brings. Talking about Christmas décor, we also have something special for all of you, in the name of Ferrisland, which will be revealed at the end. So, without further ado, let’s deep dive into the realm of Christmas!

Traditional Christmas Décor – An Ode to the Past

Traditional Christmas décor that solely captures the essence of the festive holiday, holding a prominent place in all of our hearts. The classic elements of the traditional Christmas décor have three main colors that make the color scheme for the entire holiday. These three charms are red, green, and gold, which take center stage for traditional Christmas décor. Artificial or real Christmas trees fill the houses, complementing the garlands and evergreen wreaths. Some of the other classic Christmas décor elements include mistletoe, candy canes, and multicolored or twinkling lights setting a festive ambiance. 

Figure 2: Traditional Christmas Décor

Figure 2: Traditional Christmas Décor

Some people may find traditional Christmas décor to be the nucleus of the entire holiday season, considering the enduring appeal of this décor that has transcended generations. Traditional Christmas décor acts as a binding thread that connects all of us to the past, bringing a sense of nostalgia and comfort. 

Traditional Christmas ornaments are also the beacon of sentimental value for a lot of people. They include heirloom ornaments, nutcrackers, and handmade crafts that have been passed down from one family to another. The stories they tell and the history of these ornaments are what keep them close to our hearts, making all of us add these charismatic, cherished, and treasured ornaments to our Christmas décor. 

 Figure 3: Christmas Tree Adorned with a Nutcracker

Figure 3: Christmas Tree Adorned with a Nutcracker

Stepping into 2023 – Trendy Christmas Décor 

The year 2023 – where festive spirit meets modernity. As the years passed by, we all have seen a certain shift in Christmas décor. Whether it’s a new color scheme or infused technology, there has been a special surprise at every corner. Let’s explore the trendy Christmas décor for 2023, and how it’s gaining popularity. 

  • Trends of Christmas Décor for 2023

In 2023, the color palettes have been shifted from bold red and green to lighter pastel combinations or even diverse color schemes. In some houses, we all have seen trends of monochromatic themes, where houses go with all-white décor or all-pink décor. 

Figure 4: All-white Christmas Décor

Figure 4: All-white Christmas Décor

But one thing that comes on top with the styles of Christmas décor 2023 is the minimalistic elegance, focusing more on quality rather than quantity. All around the world, we have seen a shift in the styles of Christmas décor in the sense of infusing cultural diversity. Many houses may be adorned with charming ornaments that represent various global traditions.

  • Popular Color Schemes and Design Elements

For 2023, you’ll see a splurge of soft pastels, including mint green and blush pink, with traces of copper, gold, and silver. These color schemes help in creating a whimsical yet elegant and modern atmosphere, which is perfect for modern Christmas. 

Figure 5: Pastel Color Scheme for Christmas Décor

Figure 5: Pastel Color Scheme for Christmas Décor

Many people are bringing the outdoors into their interior Christmas décor, with elements like wood accents and pinecones to connect themselves with the season’s beauty. 

  • Technology in Modern Christmas Décor

One of the technological incorporations in modern Christmas décor is LED lighting, which offers multiple range of effects of colors. LED lighting has been known for its versatility and energy-efficient benefits. Nowadays, you can control smart decorations with the help of your smartphone apps, which not only allows for customizable displays but also creates dynamic modernity. 

Moreover, people from all over the world are using digital technology to send e-cards to their loved ones as it enables them to send whimsical animations that keep the spirit of Christmas alive through every nook and crook of the globe. 

Mixing Traditional and Trendy – Harmonious Christmas Blends

This is for our lovely people who want a modern Christmas yet a touch of their ancestors livening up the décor a notch. There are various ways through which you can mix traditional and trendy Christmas décor to create a captivating, unique, and personalized holiday atmosphere. 

  • The key is balance 

The primary style of your Christmas décor should be, either trendy or traditional. Once you’ve decided on that, add contrasting-styled elements for a balanced outlook. For instance, if you’re going with a traditional tree adorned with classic ornaments, you can top that tree off with a modern garland or a topper. 

Figure 7: Traditional Christmas Tree with a Trendy Topper

Figure 6: Traditional Christmas Tree with a Trendy Topper

  • Harmonious colors

Go with the color scheme that fulfills your desire of having a hybrid Christmas, having the blend of both worlds. For instance, traditional red and green would look aesthetically pleasing with trendy pastels, uniting both styles for 2023. 

  • Create a center point

In your home space, pick an area as your focal point to showcase your trendy or traditional elements. For example, a modern dining table centerpiece will blend effortlessly with a traditional mantel display. 

  • A Touch of Customization to Your Gifts

You don’t have to keep the blend to your décor, in fact, you can extend it to your gift wrapping. Gifts are the essence of Christmas and a perfect wrapping job can make the whole difference in setting the mood of the one who’s getting the gift. For gifts, you can use classic wrapping paper and pair it with trendy gift bags or ribbons. 

  • Adaptable Décor 

For 2023, go for the Christmas décor that easily transitions from traditional to trendy and vice versa. For instance, the beauty of the traditional wreath can pop up by pairing it with modern baubles or ribbons, giving a twist to your Christmas décor. 

  • Don’t shy away from quirkiness

A quirky and whimsical décor can make your Christmas more joyous than before. So, don’t shy away from adding unexpected and unconventional elements to your décor to create a memorable yet fun atmosphere that will make you reminisce all year long. 

  • Express your Christmas Story

Christmas décor of your home should be done in such a way that it expresses your contemporary journey and story. To capture the true essence of Christmas, include decorations and ornaments that have sentimental value to you, no matter if they are trendy or traditional. 

Outdoor Christmas Décor – Brightening your Pathways

Christmas décor isn’t just confined to your interior space but you can also take the party outdoors while considering your safety as well as your loved ones. Let’s see how you can decorate your outdoors with the Christmas décor. 

  • Illuminate your pathways

By lining your driveway or walkway with lanterns, lights, and LED candles can create a welcoming entrance for your guests. However, make sure that the items you’re using are weather-resistant. 

  • Garlands and Wreaths

The front door of your home is the first thing you’re guests will come face to face. So, adorn the pillars or railings with beautifully wrapped garlands and a festive wreath on your front door. Nothing beats the holiday charm that wreaths on the front doors bring. 

  • Ornaments for your lawn

What can be more delightful than a little Santa Claus on your front lawn at Christmas? Decorate your front lawn or yard with illuminated figures, including snowmen or reindeer. However, make sure that they are perfectly anchored, so they won’t tip over in windy weather.

  • Don’t forget your windows 

Beautifully decorated windows can add a magic touch to your entire Christmas décor. You can add fairy lights or battery-operated candles on your windows to capture the charm of Christmas and create a fairy-like atmosphere. 

  • Be mindful of safety

When you’re decorating the outside of your house, make sure that the elements you’re using have weatherproof electrical connections, while also avoiding overloading circuits. The extension cords must be fastened properly and they must be kept away from the walkways. 

  • Trends of Outdoor Displays

For 2023, various trends of outdoor displays have come into play. The popular festive themes have been Santa’s workshop, nativity scene, or a winter wonderland, adding a touch of class to your entire Christmas décor. However, make sure you choose a theme that takes in the entire neighborhood. 

Figure 12: Winter Wonderland Christmas Décor

Figure 7: Winter Wonderland Christmas Décor

For our music enthusiasts, to create an audibly and visually impressive atmosphere, don’t be afraid of synchronizing your outdoor lighting displays with Christmas music or even any soothing music that you think goes with your décor. 

An Outdoor Lighting Advice: Make sure that you use energy-efficient lighting as they last a little while longer. If you can, use solar-powered outdoor lights for your garden areas and pathways. With the help of solar-powered lighting, your outdoor space will look magnificent day and night. To enhance the visibility of your display, you can also use various reflective surfaces such as tinsel and metallic ornaments, making your outdoors a lot brighter. 

Ferrisland Christmas Décor – Elevating the Magic of Christmas

Now, it’s time to reveal the special Christmas décor collection of Ferrisland. Christmas décor of Ferrisland is so much more than just being décor. Our exotic collection elevates the magic of Christmas and brings people together in this joyous and happy celebration. We offer a wide range of Christmas décor elements to our holiday enthusiasts. All of our products are renowned for their quality and innovative design. Let’s take a closer look at all our offerings to get the spirit of this festive holiday up and running. 

  • Ferrisland Countdown to Christmas Red Woven Horse LED MDF Holiday Advent Calendar 

This product of Ferrisland is for people who want to add a little twist to their entire holiday season. Our holiday advent calendar is filled with fun surprises and delights for you to elevate your holiday spirit. This intricately woven calendar adds a rustic charm to your entire décor of holiday, making it a must-have element in your home. If you want to know more about our LED MDF holiday advent calendar, click here

  • Christmas LED Music Box Santa Ferris Wheel with Turning Function & Music

Our Christmas LED music box Santa Ferris wheel is perfect for setting your mood by adding cheerful music to your home. This product contains a rotating Ferris wheel accompanied by charming Santa figurines. Our music box is perfect for setting a cheerful, festive, and captivating holiday atmosphere. If you want to know more about our Christmas music box, click here

  • Ferrisland Christmas Décor Candle Holder – Xmas Themed Candle Holder

If you’re thinking of decorating your home with candles then our candle holders are a must-have! Our Christmas décor candle holders are designed by keeping the Christmas theme in mind, which makes them a perfect addition to your holiday décor. This product effortlessly illuminates your Christmas gatherings that is hard to miss. If you want to know more about our Christmas décor candle holder, click here

  • Ferrisland 17 Inches Artificial Mini Christmas Tree with Pinecones and Red Berries

Christmas won’t be Christmas without a tree! In addition to a big one in your home, you can also elevate your space by placing our 17-inch tall artificial mini Christmas tree at a place you deem desirable. Beautifully crafted with red berries and pinecones, our mini artificial tree will add a touch of natural beauty to your seasonal décor. If you want to know more about our artificial mini Christmas tree, click here

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As we wrap up our journey, we have seen a delightful evolution of Christmas décor over the years. However, whether it’s traditional, trendy, or a little bit of both, the true essence of Christmas lies in the joy and togetherness we share with our loved ones, which is why Ferrisland has crafted such delights that not only brings joy but also help you feel the warmth of Christmas. 





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