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Indoor fountains VS Outdoor fountains

By: AdminFerrisland Jul 12, 2023

Fountains are considered to be one of the most captivating choices when it comes to adding a touch of tranquility and elegance to your home.

Whether you consider acquiring an outdoor water fountain to elevate your patio or garden, or an indoor water fountain to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home, certain factors must be taken into consideration before a big purchase.

In this article, we will shed light on the distinct features of indoor and outdoor water fountains, the key differences, and each of them can benefit you.

Keep on reading to discover and explore which fountain will best suit your needs and why you should consider Ferrisland when it comes to buying fountains.

1. How can you differentiate between indoor fountains and outdoor fountains? 

Here are a few things that can help you differentiate between indoor fountains and outdoor fountains.

  • Location and placement: As the name indicates, indoor fountains are installed inside the premises of your home whereas outdoor fountains are installed outside your home.
  • Construction and design:Since they are made to enhance the interior décor, indoor fountains are smaller in size and are made of lightweight materials. On the contrary, outdoor fountains are larger and are made of sturdier and more durable materials.
  • Management of water:Indoor fountains have enclosed water systems that help in recirculating the water. Outdoor fountains require an external water source which helps in the continuous flowing of the water.
  • Weather resistance:Since indoor fountains are installed inside a home, they don’t go through the same harsh weather conditions as outdoor fountains. Thus, outdoor fountains are designed in such a way that they can bear extreme changes in weather or even slight temperature fluctuations.
  • Aesthetic considerations:Keeping in view the interior décor, indoor fountains are much more sleek and modern in design. On the other hand, outdoor fountains are designed to harmonize with the natural landscape and surroundings.

2. How do indoor and outdoor fountains work? 

The basic principle of circulating and then recirculating water in indoor and outdoor water fountains is the same. However, to get a detailed overview, read below.

Indoor water fountains require a direct connection to a plumbing system or you can fill a basin or reservoir to supply water. For outdoor water fountains, a water supply line should be dedicated to them for the smooth circulation of water.

Figure 1: Indoor Water Fountain

The heart of the fountain is its pump, which helps move the water from the basin or reservoir to the fountain top, resulting in a continuous flow. This pump is generally placed at the bottom of the fountain. With the help of a hose or a tube, this pump draws the water to the fountain top.

Fountains disperse water based on its design. They can disperse water from decorative nozzles or spouts. This water then cascades down and is collected at the bottom of the fountain.

Once the water is collected at the bottom, it is then recirculated by the pump, and the process continues.

Once the recirculation process starts, the fountain won’t require a constant supply of water. It will reuse the water that has been collected at the bottom.

Outdoor Fountain

Figure 2: Outdoor Water Fountain

The fundamental operation of the fountain in both indoor and outdoor fountains remains the same. However, there may occur some differences in mechanism depending upon the size, complexity, and design of the fountain.

3. What are the benefits of indoor fountains and outdoor fountains?

Each water fountain presents its own benefits.  

Benefits of Indoor fountains:

  • Indoor fountains enhance the visual appeal and elegance of the home. They are considered to be captivating focal points.
  • The sound of flowing water coming from the indoor fountain has a soothing effect on the body and mind. It helps in creating a tranquil atmosphere, inhibiting stress and anxiety.
  • Indoor fountains improve the quality of air and are known to be natural air purifiers.
  • The calming effect provided by the water fountains helps in improving concentration and focus, which can with your studies or office work.
Figure 3: Indoor Water Fountain inside a Home

Figure 3: Indoor Water Fountain inside a Home

Benefits of Outdoor fountains:

  • Outdoor water fountains create an inviting space and enhance the serenity of gardens, courtyards, or patios.
  • These water fountains contain a natural ambiance, elevating the peaceful atmosphere.
  • Outdoor water fountains are great for attracting wildlife, such as butterflies, birds, and the like. In this way, they contribute to the ecosystem and the biodiversity in outer space.
  • Outdoor water fountains create a cooling effect, which can prove to be a refreshing treat in summer or on hot days.

Figure 4: Outdoor Water Fountain in a Backyard

Figure 4: Outdoor Water Fountain in a Backyard

4. Which fountain should you go for? 

This can be a million-dollar question once you decide to get a water fountain to enhance your living space. However, choosing between the two fountains depend on certain factors.

Firstly, look out for the space where you want your water fountain to be installed. If you have a spacious outdoor area, go for an outdoor water fountain. However, if you have limited indoor space, an indoor water fountain would be the best option.

Secondly, consider what function you would want your water fountain to serve. If you want a relaxing environment, an indoor water fountain should be your choice. However, if you want to enhance your outdoor space, then you should go for an outdoor water fountain.

No matter which water fountain you go for, it will require some care and maintenance, which brings us to our third factor to consider – care and maintenance. Consider the level of care and maintenance you are willing to give your fountain.

Fourthly, consider your budget. Both the water fountains vary in size, shape, and price. Calculate the initial costs and long-term maintenance costs before coming to an informed decision.

5. Do indoor and outdoor fountains enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home?

Yes, both the indoor and outdoor fountains transform the aesthetics of your home, adding a sense of elegance and beauty.

An indoor water fountain is considered to be a visually striking element to have in your home. The minute the guests or any person steps foot in your home, this aesthetic will be the first sight that eyes will capture.

Figure 5: Indoor Water Fountain as a Focal Point

Figure 5: Indoor Water Fountain as a Focal Point

Outdoor water fountains enhance the outer space of your home by completing your landscape design. They not only add dimension and depth to your outdoors but also elevate the natural beauty of your outdoor environment.

Figure 6: Outdoor Water Fountain in a Garden

Figure 6: Outdoor Water Fountain in a Garden

6. What kind of fountains are offered by Ferrisland?

Ferrisland offers both indoor and outdoor water fountains. In addition, we also provide tabletop water fountains.

Every water fountain is beautifully crafted with premium materials. When it comes to your home, we know how much you pour your love into it to make it a fine living. The same kind of love is poured into the products that we manufacture to take care of all your needs.

With years of experience, Ferrisland is all set to make your dream come true.

7. How does the indoor environment of your home get affected by the indoor fountains?

The indoor environment of your home gets impacted by an indoor water fountain in several ways.

Indoor water fountains improve the quality of air and provide relief against respiratory discomfort, dry skin, and nasal passages. In arid climates or winter seasons, indoor water fountain help enhance humidity inside your home.

The sound of flowing water coming from the indoor fountain help mask the unwanted background noise, such as household appliances, and even traffic. Moreover, this sound is known to promote a relaxing and calming environment.

As mentioned earlier, indoor water fountains become the focal point of your home and are known to provide a certain amount of sophistication and elegance to your home.

8. Can you use indoor fountains for humidification purposes? 

Yes, you can use an indoor water fountain for humidification purposes. An indoor water fountain evaporates water particles into the air, which adds moisture resulting in increased levels of humidity in a room.

This can be quite beneficial to your health, especially in dry climates, when one suffers from dry skin and respiratory issues.

Indoor water fountains may impact the humidity levels but the impact highly depends upon the size, structure, and mechanism of the water fountain.

9. Are indoor and outdoor fountains safe to have in your home?

Yes, indoor and outdoor water fountains are safe to have in your home. However, you will still need to take some precautions to prevent major mishaps.

Make sure the electrical components of both kinds of fountains are properly secured and adhere to the safety guidelines mentioned in the manual.

For indoor water fountains, place them on a leveled and stable surface to prevent slip and fall. Clean your indoor water fountain regularly to prevent the formation of algae or bacteria. Follow the instructions of the manufacturer to ensure water quality.

For outdoor water fountains, make sure that you have an adequate drainage system to prevent water leakage or accumulation that can cause serious injuries.

10. Can outdoor fountains get more damaged due to drastic weather changes?

Since outdoor water fountains are placed in the outer space of your home, yes, they are more susceptible to damage due to drastic weather changes.

However, taking precautions against extreme temperature fluctuations can enhance the longevity of these fountains.

Make sure your manufacturer designs your outdoor water fountains with materials that are weather-resistant and durable. In addition, they should be placed in such a space that they are somewhat protected from direct sun exposure or other drastic weather conditions.

Last but not least, you should conduct regular maintenance and inspection of your water mountain every once in a while to extend its lifespan.

11. Do indoor and outdoor fountains come in different sizes?

Yes, indoor and outdoor water fountains do come in different sizes and shapes.

Ferrisland is a company that is known to take care of all the needs of its customers. We know that every customer has a different preference when it comes to a water fountain. Some want a timid, sleeker design, while others require more of a modern, sturdier design.

Thus, if you think that you need a manufacturer that can help you provide different sizes of water fountains, Ferrisland can help you.

12. How can you choose the right size for your indoor or outdoor fountain? 

Choosing the right size for your indoor or outdoor water fountain can be tricky. However, there are some factors that you can consider before buying this refreshing treat.

The most basic thing to do before buying a water fountain is to assess the space available. Make sure you jot down the accurate numbers for the height, depth, and width available for installation.

In addition, you should undertake the size of your things in your surroundings before you take a decision. For outdoor water fountains, consider the size of your garden, patio, or courtyard. Similarly, for indoor water fountains, consider the room size, furniture, and ceiling height.

13. How do indoor and outdoor fountains contribute to a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere?

No matter who you ask this from but indoor and outdoor water fountains are known to enhance the peaceful and calming environment of your home.

The serene sound of flowing water contributes to the relaxing auditory experience. The sight of the flowing water naturally calms down our senses and provides relaxation to our mind and body.

Fountains, whether indoor or outdoor, connect us with nature, reminding us of peaceful lakes, exhilarating waterfalls, and whatnot. Moreover, by elevating our calm selves, these fountains can help us focus on work with more concentration and newfound energy and enthusiasm.

Whether indoor or outdoor, these fountains become the calming sanctuary that helps you reconnect with your inner self.

This is it! Together we have explored everything there is to know about indoor and outdoor water fountains. We hope now you can make an informed decision about which fountain will suit you better. 

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