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FAQs of Glass Terrariums

By: :AdminFerrisland Jul 31, 2020


1. Is the metal part of this planter water-resistant?

These terrariums are not designed to be hydroponic planters. You should prevent overwatering. First, add a layer of water-absorbing layers, like dried moss, at the bottom. Second, use a sprayer to water the plants.

2. Can it be a candle holder?

LED candles are suggested. If you really like real candles, please make sure the temperature lower than 176F.

3. Does the plant come with this planter?

No, only the glass planter in the package.

4. Does this need to be assembled?

No, it is complete.

5. Would this be considered food safe?

It is not food safe. Please do plastic / paper wrap your food for displaying in the terrarium. This is designed to be flower pot.You can also make it as storage box.

6. Will a magnet attach to the metal parts?

The terrarium frame is made of copper foil or 99.9% environment-friendly tin. It does not work with magnet.

7.Does it have a drain spout at the bottom so water can run out?

No, it doesn’t.

8.What if plants over growing in glass terrarium and stcking out of container that doesn't look nice?

Plants growed in terrarium would be much slower. You will be able to enjoy your terrarium design for months or even a year without pruning the plants. But make sure that plants are healthy with no mold. Remove any dead leaves.

9. There is water on a terrarium glass or it is fogged up? Why is this happening? What should I do in this situation?

With closed terrariums, you should open a lid from time to time for ventilation, and to wipe the glass. Avoid putting the terrarium under the sun, as it will cause a very high temperature inside the terrarium, causing fogged up glass. You can also spray your glass with anti-fog spray.

10. Does it come in a nice box for gifting?

It comes with a craft paper box, if you want to buy it for a gift, you can choose Amazon gift service.

11. I would like to start growing venus flytrap from seeds in a terrarium, what kind of item should I choose?

A deep and bigger terrarium would be the best.

12. Why do terrarium plants don’t need much water or fertilizing, but they still grow and remain healthy for a long time?

Plants in terrariums require misting and watering from time to time. As plants in this closed ecosystem use the water again and again (due to condensation), you don’t need to water them too often.

13.There are bugs in my terrarium! What should I do?

To get rid of bugs, make sure to throw away any dead rotting leaves on the soil. Also, make sure the soil is not too wet, and dry it with a tissue if needed.

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