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FAQs of Artificial Plants

By: AdminFerrisland Apr 01, 2021

1.I have my own pot I want to use. Can the plant/soil be separated from each other?

Just plant the whole thing in another pot. No need to remove it.

2.Are the leaves sturdy enough to hang Christmas ornaments on?

It is not sturdy enough to hang ornaments.

3.Can I put this on the balcony?

Yes! You can put it anywhere. 

4.Are fake plants tacky? 

Expertly detailed to reflect a natural appearance, fake plants today have seen a rise in popularity. They’ve been praised for their natural realism, versatility, and most importantly, their beauty. Artificial plants are no longer the tacky has-beens of yesteryear.

5.How to make fake plants look more real? 

1)Let it take center stage in a spot that gets a lot of natural light or that allows for some breathing space; this in return will allow your artificial plant to evoke a hint of natural life into the environment. 

2)By using real-life soil, dirt, sand, rocks, or moss, will give your artificial plant an added hint of natural realism while adding a sense of organic texture.  

3)Mixing it in with other, complementary real plants.  Not only will this conjure an environment of real-life plants collectively, but it will also make your artificial plant harder to spot.

6.Can fake plants go outside? 

Most of our artificial plants are designed with UV Protection so that you can rest assured knowing that when displaying your artificial greenery outdoors, you won’t have to worry about them suffering damage from the natural elements.

7.Are fake plants better than the real deal? 

There are in fact some added benefits to incorporating artificial plants in everyday environments. From eliminating toxic threats to pets and children to lessening the potential of allergic reactions or even help adhere to costly budgets, faux plants can prove to be a better investment than living plants - the choice is entirely up to you.  

8.Can I use a fake plant in my office?  

Yes, it surely a good choice to use fake plants in the office. It allows for endless creative options and has proven to uplift moods and therefore boosting productivity.  In addition, artificial plants and fake plants can also help cut costs on regular maintenance and upkeep while eliminating things like allergies, insects, and pests.

9.Do I need a topper for my fake plant? 

You do not need a topper for your fake tree or artificial plant. Most of our decorative plants come stabilized in their designated planters and will already beset with their accompaniment of natural moss. 

10.Do I need to take care of and maintain my fake plant? 

You don't need to take much time to maintain the fake plants, you will periodically want to clean it and wipe away any dust it might have gathered. We recommend doing this with a feather duster or a microfiber cleaning cloth and/or spare cleaning towelettes, gently dusting and removing any excess dirt, dust, and debris from your artificial plants.

11.Is the height measured from the bottom of the pot or the start of the plant?

It is from the bottom of the pot.

12.Are the leaves silk or Plastic leaves?

The leaves appear to be plastic but the high grade and they feel soft almost like silk.

13.How can you safely fluff the palm tree branches?

The branches seem a bit flimsy and don’t want them to break.

The branches are sturdy allowing you to adjust and fluff to your desired liking without breakage. The branches are flexible and easy to bend without an issue/concern. I would definitely recommend this product and I would purchase this Palm Tree again.

14.Can this be “planted” in the ground?

Depends on how long you want it to last. If it's "for a day" (like a wedding or some other special occasion) I'd say go for it.

15.Can this tree be placed in an outdoor lanai under a cage, but NOT under the roof?

Yes, it very well can be placed under a cage outside without a roof. Just make sure there is no strong wind coming directly to it.

16.When I receive my artificial plant, how do I make it look real straight out of the box?

Upon receiving your artificial plant you will need to carefully remove it from its box and stand it up in a spacious area free in order to fluff it and style it in a way to get a realistic quality.

17.Do I need to bend the branches downward by hand first or will they fall by themselves?
Yes, you need to bend the branches the way you would like them shaped. It's easy to do and looks much better as it comes compact in a box.

18.Using for outdoor use in AZ, is it top-heavy, will it topple over?

If you’re using it in a covered area should be okay. You can put it in a decorative ceramic pot and put pea gravel in it to hide the shipping pot, then add faux ivy around the base.

19.Can it get wet?

Yes, it's artificial that it doesn't matter to get it wet.

20.How much does it weigh?

The plant's weight is different one by one. But they are not heavy, very easy to move around. You don't have to lift it, just slide it on the floor.

21.Any assembly required?

Other places I have looked into they say I have to glue on the branches...
No assembly was required, just bend the branches down a bit.

22.Is it really silk, or is it plastic?

It is plastic. It looks so real and every one the sees it thinks it looks real and compliments it

23.Our artificial plants out of style?

Artificial plants never go out of style. If you arrange them well and do your part to keep them clean, hardly anyone will tell the difference. They’re a great way to add greenery to any space. 

24.Are your product made out of silk?

Please note the definition of the word SILK in the title does not mean the item is made out of silk. Keeping to industry standards the word SILK is now used to describe that a flower or plant is artificially made and does not mean that the material used is silk. Materials used may depend on the quality and the final shape requirements of the flower head or leaves and may include but are not limited to polyester, nylon, PVC, latex, rubber, and silk.

25.Can the plant be easily removed to repot in my given vase?

No. It is attached to the pot.

26.What are faux flowers made of?

Artificial flowers are made of a variety of materials from paper to silk, but the most common material is polyester for the flowers and plastic for the stems.

However, higher-end artificial flowers and plants are made of silk, rayon, and cotton. The stems are most often wire wrapped in a special tear-resistant paper. By using these higher-quality materials, the stems and blooms appear more life-like and actually can last longer than cheap alternatives, with the proper care. 

27.Can I mix artificial and live flowers in the same arrangement?

Yes, you certainly can. Adding artificial flowers to a live arrangement allows you to include flowers that may be out of season or too expensive to be a part of your décor otherwise. Just follow the same tips from Question #1 to make your fake flowers look as real as the live ones.

For the most realistic arrangements, choose artificial flowers that match the seasonality of the live flowers. Also, look for artificial flowers that mimic your realistic flowers.

28.where can I put artificial flowers and plants?

You can put it anywhere! The great thing about fake flowers and plants is you don’t have to worry about heat, cold or sunshine.

You can put your arrangements anywhere you want, and if you get tired of a plant or arrangement in one room, you can switch it to a different one from another room in your house. If you are working on improving the flow or feng shui of a room (or your entire house)

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