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Tank Hideaway


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Iron Grey Propane Tank Storage



Iron Grey Propane Tank Storage


Strong and stable material provides strong durability.  Limor Iron Grey Propane Tank Storage for Gas Fire Pits.  Brand Manufacturer Limor Product Color Iron Grey Product Dimensions 15.7 x 15.7 x 22.8 inches Product Weight 17KG (37.5lbs)     Perfect Hideaway:...


  1. Has anyone used this to cook hot dogs over?
  2. I was thinking if I bought the glass rocks they would be cleanable but not sure.We don't recommend you to use it for barbecue, it's not safe and will be easily dirty even if you use the glass rocks. You can choose a real grill for barbecue.

  3. Is this table installed when it is delivered? Need me to install this table myself?
  4. The table won't be installed when it's delivered because it's big size, when you get it you can install it by yourself by watching the manual.

  5. Is this table big enough to be a bar for us to have some drink when we don't need use the fire pit?
  6. Of course, When you don't want to use the fire pit will give you a practical, comfortable and value-added experience. It's big enough for you to have a drink or as a table.

  7. We assembled this and when we push the knob in, it lights right up. When we let go, the fire shuts off. Has anyone had this issue?
  8. Adjust the temp by turning the dial after light it, it will stay on.

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