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Fire Pits


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A Guide to Types and Styles of Fire Pits

Wikipedia.com defined a fire pit as “can vary from a pit dug in the ground to an elaborate gas burning structure of stone, brick, and metal.”

Also, a fire pit’s essence is to guide and avert the fire from going out of proportion, especially to the neighboring.

Fire pits made out of metal and concrete are the most shared designs that are trending today.

This article aims at examining different types of fire pit, drawbacks, and advantages.

Types of Fire Pit

There are four assorted types of fire pits available on the marketplace at present.

Gel Fuel Fire Pit

Gel fuel fire pit is produced from about 90% of rubbing or isopropyl alcohol blend with a gelling substrate like calcium acetate, or soy wax. It is the most current of all of the convenient fuels.

It’s provide clean-burning, doesn’t spill out once smack over. It will not support a fuel fire with fleeing sparks and there is no production of noxious fumes. Thus it is also ideal for indoor as well for warming in cold weather.

Gel fuel fire pit produces a deep yellow flame. Awkwardly, it does not produce as much warmth as a wood fire nor the same feeling.

Gel fuel fire pit is unique as it does not have that wood burnt smell and no smoke accompanies the fire. Also, it is a safe fuel than a wood fire.

Natural gas fire pit

A natural gas fire pit is almost the same as a propane fire pit. But it is just to connect your existing gas line to your pit.

The most prominent merit of a natural gas fire pit is that you rarely run out of gas. Also, it’s the most expensive fire pit, but it is very easy its maintain.

On the other, its main installation of natural gas is not handy. What this implies is that your fire pit is immovable and you can’t change the location away from the gas line.

 Propane fire pit

The like of natural gas fire pit is propane. It is the most portable fire pit available. It can be ignited and enjoy without any stress of adding wood or refilling the gel fuel burning.

However, propane fire has the biggest bowl of all the fire pits. They’re marked as the focal portion of the entertainment arena.

The propane is readily available at your regional grocery store. Also, both the ignition switch and propane tank are normally lodged under the bowl.

Wood-Burning Fire Pit

A wood-burning fire pit is a typical demonstration of a customary campfire. It brings to mind the same feelings as a campfire arranged on a camping trip.

The difference between a campfire and a wood-burning fire pit is that the fire pit is built inside a metal bowl that equestrian on the fire pit stance. Also, the wood-burning fire pit comes with a shade cover to avoid sparks from escaping out.

Due to poor management of wood-burning fire pit, many countries have restricted their operations. It is assumed, it contributes to climate change, global warming, and hot summers.

Also, single sparks that escape from the pit and land on any nearby dry material can lead to fire outrage.

This may sound exaggerated but is better to be safe rather than regrets.


A fire pit is not just all about keeping you warm, but it has several emotional and health benefits.

According to Christopher Lynn, Anthropologist prerogatives that the cozy of fire pit benefits one get soother and more cordial and even causes one blood pressure to drop!

However, if you have never think of adding a fire pit to your garden, you have to start considering one today for a sensational evening tide with your family.

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  1. Has anyone used this to cook hot dogs over?
  2. I was thinking if I bought the glass rocks they would be cleanable but not sure.We don't recommend you to use it for barbecue, it's not safe and will be easily dirty even if you use the glass rocks. You can choose a real grill for barbecue.

  3. Is this table installed when it is delivered? Need me to install this table myself?
  4. The table won't be installed when it's delivered because it's big size, when you get it you can install it by yourself by watching the manual.

  5. Is this table big enough to be a bar for us to have some drink when we don't need use the fire pit?
  6. Of course, When you don't want to use the fire pit will give you a practical, comfortable and value-added experience. It's big enough for you to have a drink or as a table.

  7. We assembled this and when we push the knob in, it lights right up. When we let go, the fire shuts off. Has anyone had this issue?
  8. Adjust the temp by turning the dial after light it, it will stay on.

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