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Glass Vase


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  1. Is the metal part of this planter water resistant?
  2. These terrariums are not designed to be hydroponic planters. You should prevent over watering. First, add a layer of water-absorbing layers, like dried moss, at the bottom. Second, use a sprayer to water the plants.

  3. Can it be a candle holder?
  4. LED candles are suggested. If you really like real candles, please make sure the temperature lower that 176F.

  5. Does the plant come with this planter?
  6. No, only the glass planter in the package.

  7. Does this need to be assembled?
  8. No, it is complete that do not need to assembled.

  9. Would this be considered food safe?
  10. It is not food safe. Please do plastic / paper wrap your food for displaying in the terrarium. This is designed to be flower pot.You can also make it as storage box.

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