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Ferrisland Buddha Waterfall Fountain Zen



Ferrisland Buddha Waterfall Fountain Zen


BUDDHA WATERFALL FOUNTAIN:This Buddha Fountain can be placed on your porch to bring tranquility to your indoor home or outdoor garden, yard or patio. Relax after a tiring day and listen to the sound of the calm waterfall pouring down...


  1. Can I adjust the water flow?
  2. Yes, there is a switch in pump that you can adjust the water flow more or less.

  3. Where is it usually use for ?
  4. We have indoor or outdoor usage, you can buy the fountain you need accordingly.

  5. Does this fountain splash water everywhere?
  6. The water would not splash outside of the fountain on the table.

  7. Is the motor very loud?
  8. It is not loud when you have enough water. Adding a lot more water and the loud will small a lot.

  9. What is the plug and the voltage type?
  10. This fountain is UL plug with 110V.

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